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Friday, November 13, 2009

Ah hello my little blog....I have starved you! hehe....I am only briefly on to note yesterday's events as they are significant to me.
Yesterday I saw professional portraits of a friend's children. This time last year, I saw earlier photos of the same kids by the same photographer and I thought "Wow, I could never EVER do that.'
Well, yesterday I still thought 'Wow!', but I also thought things like:
'Hey,I know how he edited that!.....'
'I have a photograph like that!...'
I think if I did it at the same time of day, I could do that pic!...' and even:
'Sheesh, ease on the vignetting already!'

This encouraged me and got me to thinking. So as I drove the kids to school at 3:00pm, I chatted away to God, as I can be prone to do.....
'Lord, I have really come quite a way this last 11 months in with my knowledge of photography and editing and I only desire to know more about it. You know I am timid and would NEVER seek photography work (This is true.....I have had 5 jobs in my life, and never asked for a single one....they have all just been handed to me! Timidity is not a good quality I know, and I am not endorsing it...simply demonstrating it)
Lord, I will never go looking for anyone to photograph, but if this is something I am meant to be doing in any capacity, please let someone ask me.'
Why was I having this chat? Well, really the editing and the photography does take a bit of time, and even though I have learnt a lot, I didn't want it to overtake other things God might have me do....if that makes sense....
So anyway, got home with the kids, fed the kids, went for a run, came back and checked messages. And guess what? At 4:03 a friend from church had sent me the following request on behalf of her parents:

I have sort of a favour to ask. Our grandparents wanted to have a nice family picture of us to give to us for Christmas. They haven't got a nice one of all of us and they thought if they paid to have a "professional" one done a meyer or one of those places they could give it to us for Christmas.The problem is we are not too keen on the whole portriat studio type thing especially with all the kids. and seeing so many of your fantasic photos you do, we were wondering if you would like to come to the park somewhere and take a few family shots?? Please note that we will be PAYing you as the grandparents just really want to do this for our presents. If you can possibly do it we would be very excited, your photography is so lovely!!!! If you can't do it though please say as we understand and no pressure, bek

Isn't that awesome? Such a quick response as far as I was concerned! So I am saying 'Thanks God' and 'Thanks Griffiths' family!'

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