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Monday, July 31, 2006

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A very loooooong weekend!

It wasn't a long weekend in the normal sense of the meaning. We did not get Friday or Monday off. But the time sure did pass slowly.
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Topsy is still whinging and listless. He is hardly eating. It has been two weeks now since he started feeling off colour. The doctor couldn't find anything wrong other than his slimey green nose, but of course Topsy waited till after the doctor's visit to begin a bout of the squirts. And then yesterday he began to dry-heave, but thankfully that went nowhere!
I haven't mentioned it in a while, but our church next door(Hubby is the minister, hence the fact that we live next door) is having a face lift, thanks to a generous donation. Yesterday the old front wall was knocked out, and at some stage (we are up to the vounteer stage of the renovations now! heehee!) there will be glass sliding doors between the church and the new front 'tea room'.
Here are some 'before and after' pics of the church. Pics of before the vounteer stage began, and after. We have a skilled bunch of fellas as you can see.
(Oh my, the pics are not working again. Go to the pics labelled before and after in one of the lots of pics below)
Oh and I wanted to show you this toy I got Topsy. He loves fridge magnets, so I got him these bathtub magnet-like set. Once they absorb water, they stick onto smooth surfaces. Topsy is still getting used to them but as you can see he did manage to get the hang of pulling them off, and then putting them back onto the bathtub wall. We have all been enjoying them. LOL! (go to pic labelled bath magnets!)

However , pulling the plug out, sucking on the tap (faucet!), and playing with the shampoo and conditioner bottles are still Topsy's preferred bathtime activities! (go to...!)

On Saturday, our little family all worked together to get the newly walless church building (OK slight exaggeration!) into a functional state for the next day.
Topsy loves 'helping with setup' at church. I think he imagines that it is his extra bedroom. There is sorts of stuff to explore as we go about our business. It probably helps that we blare music and dance around the place to keep it fun!

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Oh and I have a new desired travel destination:

Sakeji (specially the river!)

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Photo by Robert Greenhow (from the site: Green Twigs)

Sigh. Sadly, Mama Mentor's book has come to an end. She has got the best memory ever and the amount of detail in describing certain events amazed me! She is a natural storyteller. Ayayay!
I so enjoyed reading about Sakejil, and that is why I would love to go and see all the places Mama Mentor talks about (places I can almost see in my imagination.)

Today one of Topsy's little friends (J) came to play. he is a year older and likes to help me with all sorts of things.

Today we made lasagnes.

J put down the lasagne sheets and sprinkled cheese over the layers. I felt it was only appropriate that he take some of the spoils to show and tell at home. J was thrilled to hear this. we had this discussion
'Dad is going to have lasagne tonight? I said.

'Yes', J beamed

'Mum is going to have lasagne tonight', I said.

'Yes,' J breathed excitedly.

'And J is going to have lasagne tonight', I enthused, hyping it up for the inevitable 'yes!'.

He shook his head solemnly, then a beautful smile crept over his whole face. "I don't like lamamba.' he said. 'I is having fish."

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

before and after

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bath magnets and what topsy would rather be doing!

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Unclean! Unclean!

Yes, I am ringing the disease bell so that you can scatter back, and read from a safe distance.
We are sick today.
All six of us.
Not sick, sick; but cold sick.
Snuffly, sore-throaty, 'I need to stay in my PJs all day' sick.
The kids and Hubby are all in bed resting, so while it is quiet......

I won't do a big post, just put up some pics...

(well the dumb phototbucket thing wouldn't work so in order of appearance this is what is happening in the pics below...)

1. Topsy opened a door in my face and it split both my lips. It Hurt like billy-ohs!

2. And here is our dog Lucy. Any nice food we give her, she walks around with for ages, looking furtively about as if there are food Nazis about to spoil her fun. Then she buries it! Today she seemed to think someone was after her toy as well, so just to be on the safe side...... (I think we are rubbing off on her! She has gone insane!)

3. And better late than are some bubble pics. The ones that look big, really are! Probably the size of two of my heads put together!

4. Spindles shows how much concentration it takes to produce really good bubbles.

5. Hubby doing strange things on his bike. Needs his helmet!

Hope you are all well!

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

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Yeah Me!!!!

I have graduated to a whole new level of blogging!
Well Ok, not so much. :)

But I have written my first lot of code alone and by myself. (yeah, me!!!)

Today is my day off, so I had a fiddle. My aim was to get the Kenyan Safaris and Topsy's 'Tales' indexed in the lefthand side of my blog.
So I typed the code myself in 'template' and it went without a hitch on my new computer.

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Hopefully talk more later. This is a day time post and I have a baby to play with and a house to minimalize.

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PS An Introduction:

I am very excited. One of my dear IRL friends who I do not get to see very much anymore, is blogging! You have probably already seen her comments. She lives an hour or so away and is a wonderful person.

So without further ado: Everyone, meet Lillipilli; Lillipilli, everyone! And welcome! (the picture above is a Lilli pilli tree!)

I have not yet linked you, Lillipilli as I have not asked your permission. But if it is OK, I will!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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I do not feel so good.
Today was the first day of kid's club back again, and I am glad I got everything organized and the room set up this morning. By this afternoon, my head was throbbing. The thick scratchy sensation at the back of my throat and my itching ears hinted at a cold that is now in full swing.

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Kid's Club went very well. A goodly number of children came along and we had a fabulous time. We are a very basic kid's club. Start with songs, have a memory verse game, learn a Bible truth, have a quiz to see if the concepts are cemented in, pray and finish. It starts at 3:30 and finishes at 5. We play games till 3:45 then eat afternoon tea til 4:00. Hubby does all the active games and crowd control. i lead the singign and the learning content. We have a couple of wonderful helpers that come along faithfully to assist us.

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At the end of last term I made up a huge pasta bake that none of the kids were interested in. We are endeavouring to keep the menu slightly less sugary though, so today I made a huge lot of 2minute noodles with vegies and chicken. I made tons of the stuff, so that I didn't have to cook dinner tonight for our mob, but.... the kids ate it ALL!

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We have been doing a series at Kid's club that I got with a CD called The King, The Snake and The Promise. It is fantastic. I am learning so much myself, like how to put a hard concept into easy to understand English!The series itself is called The Bible in Ten Lessons. It presents the Bible as one complete story, that shows the continuity throughout the Bible of God's plan for His world and His people. After each lesson, we glue a picture that represents the story onto a calico banner. I will have to blog a picture of the banner when it is finished.

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Instead of doing a new story today, I got the kids to tell us what the pictures on the banner actually stand for. It was encouraging to see what they have remembered.
So it was good. But I was really lightheaded and bleary eyed, and couldn't wait to get home and crash. Wednesday night is TV dinner night at our home, when Kid's club is on at least.
So I am off to soak inj a hot bath!
nighty night!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

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Eeeny weeny tiny post!

I think I can almost 100% guarantee that you guys out of Oz don't see this in the meat section of your supermarket.

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Normal mince was $13.99 /kg, and this stuff was only $6.50 / kg that day, so it was a no brainer for me! But it felt a little wrong somehow.
Do you eat any of your country's icons?
Bear? Coyote? Squirrel?
Talk soon. Must to lay my weary head down to rest!

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Who Are You ?

I read your blogs, well those of you who blog and I feel I know you already. But I only share a very small snippet of what happens in my life on this blog. The bits I choose to share. You do not see me grouch and laze, and obsess, and throw plates at the kids and Hubby for fun (alright, alright, so I made that first one up! Heehee!!!)

But I am curious. If I was to meet you in person at a 'family and friends' BBQ, who would you be?

Are you the one regaling a large group with an uproariously exaggerated but hilarious story of your day at work?

Are you the person that has noticed that someone is sitting alone and goes over to talk to them?

Are you the person that has noticed that someone is sitting alone and you really want to go over and talk to that person but you are too shy?

Are you the person sitting alone, but you are actually peaceful and content with your own company.

Are you the person sitting alone, wishing you were away from all the noise and people?

Are you the hostess of the BBQ, who enjoys taking care of everyone, and rushes around all night being busy, but is shy of being in the limelight at all?

Are you the hostess, who enjoys taking care of everyone, but you want to enjoy yourself and be in the middle of the group as well, so you have prepared everything ahead of time so you can relax and socialize?

Are you the one out in the kitchen doing the dishes, so you can stay busy and not have to agonize over awkward silence-fillers.

Are you the one who always listens to the person with the sob story that inevitably takes the whole night to tell?

Are you the one telling the sob story? (ha!)

Who are you? What is your personality?

I am really interested in finding out!
And I'll get the ball rolling.

At the BBQ I am probably the one who feels tentative ( I do not like being in large groups of people) about breaking into the group and joining in with others' conversations. But once I do, I am happy to sit and learn about and talk to the same person/s most of the night.
Now, let me stress that that is who I am if Topsy is asleep. If he is awake and careening precariously around, I am the one who listens to the conversation with only one ear, and who has to keep running off mid sentence to bring the baby back from the grill or the pool!

Your turn now!


You need to watch this video before you will understand the first quote. I apologize if it reduces you to my level!

Now I found that clip quite amusing, as I am sure that is not quite what the earnest Mummy had in mind for her son's grand achievement.
I especially love her sweet "C'mon you can do it!" and I often croon it to the kidlets.
Well this morning as I fed Topsy and watched Roly, Spindles and Diva's heavy-lidded eyes stare bleakly into their breakfast bowls, I piped up cheerily "C'mon, you can do it!"

Spindles deadpanned, "Not at the table, we can't Mum!"

Two Quotes For the Price of One!

Yesterday the kids were starting up a movie I had taped for them.
Diva asked, " Mum, what country is this movie from? "
I replied: 'It was made in America.'

Diva protested: "Then how are we going to understand what they say. We don't know that language!"

Roly answered before I could: 'Um, duh!!' *insert superior eyeroll* "The Americans invented English!"


We had Italian night at Bible study tonight. No we didn't speak Italian, we ate it. And it was yum. (Thanks Funny for such yummy pasta! we missed you!)

I took a couple of pics of the pizza I made.

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And here is a stack of our book club books. They took 13 weeks to get here, but they have come. Finally our book club can commence!!!

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Talk soon!

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Saturday, July 22, 2006


If the title makes you think that this will be a long entry, you are right!
Well, it may not actually mean that at all, 'cause I haven't even worked out what to write yet.(I'm doing that as I go. Heehee!)
It has been a normal Saturday. Our kids do sports during the school week, rather than on a Saturday. We need that day to recuperate as our Sundays tend to be quite full.
Though it was cold outside, they came up with some new games ideas!
OK, well Spindles preferred his PJs and the couch!

My little 'hoodlum' is still sporting a cold so I rugged him up. Babies look adorable in hoods, don't you think?

Living Room- Tick!

Yes, it is true! I have a whole room MINIMALIZED!

So far, the master bedroom is done, but I need to sort out the suitcases under the bed as well as a couple of boxes in the cupboard, so that doesn't get a full Tick!
Roly and Spindle' room is done too, but I have about 10 minutes worth of sorting clothes that prevents it from getting a full Tick.
But as of today, the living room is fully ticked off the

Hurrah!! I am rather proud of myself.

Above are some pics of previously cluttered areas that I have decluttered and cleaned out.

Oh and here (below) are the pictures that hang on my living room walls.

The Birds and the Bees: How Not To

A Guide

Oh yes. I went and did it!

That special talk. (Or the first of many I would imagine!)

But this was not a talk about body changes with Roly or Spindles.


Sadly it was Diva I had to fill in.
She is only 7 !(or will be in a month) But there have been girls at school who have started their periods at age 8! Isn't that too young?!

Well, the timing was perfect. We had just finished doing each other's make up just for fun. Why is it, by the way, that Diva always ends up looking glamourous after our makeovers, whereas I seem to collect an impressive amount of red lipstick around the vicinity of my NOSE?

Anyways, I digress. I drew a deep breath and called her into the bedroom.

What I should have done: Read some material on telling kiddies this size.

What I did:

Diva: grinning toothlessly up at me with anticipation.
Me: 'Mummy just wanted to talk to you about how your body might start to change in the next few years. These changes are all really exciting but they can be a bit scary if they take us by surprise..." (I give her a couple of examples of how Mummy was taken by surprise)

Diva: stares at me wide eyed, her top lip curling slightly with distaste at hearing about the suprises Mummy got.

Me: "......and God has made us so carefully and wonderfully. Do you know that there are eggs inside a lady's body?"

Diva: (Her eyebrows framing her bulging eyes like two brown rainbows of horror) 'Huh? Like the chickens?"

Me: forging ahead with false bravado. "Heheh! No not like the chickens.... Well sort of.... Well not really. The eggs that are inside us have to come out too, like the chickens. But they are not the kind that we would put in the fridge (thinking in slow motion: did I just say that?)"
Diva: What about Roly and Spindles. Do they have eggs too? ( I can see in her mind that she is mentally working out an egg collecting scheme where she comes out on top. They are pretty competetive about collecting the chicken eggs.)
Me: Actually no. Boys' bodies go through a whole different kind of change as they start getting ready to become adults..... (small description follows) .... And with girls, when we are old enough, our eggs start to come out, one at a time... (and I explain this part at least, pretty well and simply) .

Diva: her eyes are glazed over, but other wise she seems OK.

Me: Something to the effect of: 'Hey do you want to come see some of the cool stuff we can use to catch the egg?'

We raced to the drawer. Diva was showing a lot of enthusiasm at this part.

However the first one I unwrapped turned out to be my only post-partum pad left from having Topsy. And it was a shocker.

I wouldn't have been surprised to learn that this particular pad had the capactiy to soak up 50% of our local dam water! It made a real impression on Diva. Even me pulling out my most recent stash didn't seem to erase the memory of that sucker.

Back on the bed, debriefing.
Diva: rolling her eyes. "I am NEVER going to grow up."
Me: (In that case, thanking the dear Lord that I did not delve into the realm of Mummy and Daddy's special 'cuddles') "Well, guess what?"
Diva: (suspiciously) "What ? "
Me: "You don't have to. You do not have to grow up till you want to."
Diva:cracks a smile and runs away.

Next time I will read a how-to book first!

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And to finish: Look what Hubby surprised me with. Mine all mine! It was a huge surprise. My old computer has not been working right for a long time. I use it for all my sunday School prep, Kids Club and Book Club stuff. (and of course for blogging!) So Hubby has totally made my year.
Have a great weekend all! See ya Monday!

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Friday, July 21, 2006

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I have had a bit of fun this evening. Several of you, my international blog buddies have mentioned that if we are ever in your area, to come and visit.
And I got to thinking. What I would show you if you came to my part of the world?

So expect a post with some of my ideas soon! Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, what would you like to show me around your area, if I was headed YOUR way?!

In other news: I have done it.

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I'm off my meds. (I can hear my doctor's gasp! She is one of my blog buddies)

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This past year, I have been on anti depressants for post natal 'issues', (though with my gene pool, post natal issues are probably only a drop in the ocean!)
What a help the medication has been. I have gone back to being the 'old me' after a time when I really felt lost and overwhelmed'.

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Coming off such a strong medication has required a gradual weaning process, but for two and a half weeks now, I have been on nothing.
And you know what? I feel great. Like my old self still!
Poor Hubby. I think he is still a little tentative, and looks slightly panicked anytime even the hint of a frown creases my brow. :) But so far, I am feeling back to how things were before Topsy came along.

Anyways, I plan to keep a little diary for myself here, listing any changes I see.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
One thing I have noticed already, is that I no longer desire chocolate every single night.
Phew! I am so thankful for that. Over the year that I was on the medication, I gradually gained 10 kgs. It will be nice to lose that!
Also I have a renewed yen for cleaning and MINIMALIZING! A little like the nesting urges I had before I delivered Topsy.
So that is me.

Natural and nutty!

I'll talk soon.
Have a fantastic weekend!

Oh and here are a couple pics of poor Topsy. He is sick and green-boogery. Poor dear

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Oh Happy Day!- I hope you are having one!

I love this song. Had to share. All the sister Act medleys bring me out in goosebumps and choke me up.
I'll chat to y'all tonight.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Rest Day becomes Mess Day

Usually on Hubby's day off, I do not do a lot.


makes me feel like I am having a break too, even if it means more clean up the next day.
But today I needed to go into town to get ingredients for our homemade Italian pizza night (sorry, no pics 'cause I forgot, but it was the best pizza I have ever made and probably the nicest pizza crust I have ever tasted. *ouch!!!* Sorry, that was just my lips flapping out of joint, from blowing my own horn too loud! Ha!)

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So I got that and then on the way home, I dropped past school to pop in the lunch that one of the kids had left at home. I ended up putting it in Spindle's bag, cause I couldn't see his sandwich anywhere when I looked (I had already checked Diva's first. But when they got home I learned that it was actually Roly's lunch! Why doesn't that surprise me?!)

Then back home to feed the green and snotty Topsy. Then play with him at the park for half an hour.

I never thought I'd be back to going down the slippery dip again. It happens to be his favorite thing to do!

Next we were off to school again for Diva's sports carnival. She had such a blast. Here are some pics. It was a glary, cloudy day and I had trouble seeing what I photographing!

Topsy saw Diva have so much fun at the sack race with all the kids falling over in their sacks........

......he spent about 30 seconds bent over like this, till a little girl came down to be kind to what she obviously felt to be a needy' child!

There were tons of different activities. Long jump, races, dodgeball, ball skills, relays.

In the end enough was enough and Topsy made a bid for freedom.

Finally, after bringing the kids home, I began chopping up the pizza ingredients, all the while thinking "Now I remember why we have frozen stuff for dinner on Thursday. "

So I have a kitchen that is totally trashed, a living room that is not much better, and a house that is having MINIMALIZING withdrawals. Maybe after Lost..........
There is always tomorrow.

Oh here is Roly in his new glasses! What do you think?

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And my precious 'street performer: Spindles!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Talk soon!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

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How did we not see it? Maybe we all need to be tested ourselves!
I took Roly for an eye test yesterday.
Not only is he short sighted, he is VERY shortsighted.
He is very excited about getting his new glasses.
I would have been more excited if there had been a bargain basement box of frames to choose from! : )Align Left
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I will have to post pics of new look Roly when the glasses come.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a longer and more exciting post.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

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Blog Etiquette

Robby and I have had some conversations about this topic in the past and we often end up laughing uproariously (though I can't remember why!).

Blog wise, I originally intended to blog about our life as a family, only for extended family and friends who are distant. And that is still a big part of why I blog.
I know my family is out there reading it.
They may just be as bad at posting comments as I am about posting snail mail letters! :) There is just something psychological that happens in between the letter being written and getting the stamp on the envelope!
Looking back now I can hardly remember how it all transpired that I met you, my dear blog friends. But if I think back, there is a story to how I met each of you.
And in each case, there is a common thread.

I have a relationship with you.

Unconventional it may be.
It certainly doesn't replace real flesh and blood friendships.
But it does have its own place and significance.
And in each case, there is give and take; there is interaction, otherwise the relationship would die away. Like all friendships that are untended.

So before I get all sentimental, I want to know if you have any thoughts on blog etiquette yourself. Any unspoken rules in blogging that you follow? Here are some of mine.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

1. If I, as a fellow blogger, know the blogger personally (ie; 'in the flesh') I am especially diligent in reading and commenting regularly. And I may tend to talk about them or their blog on my blog.
Why?- well, what a privilege to get to know a friend or family member on a very different level. And when I like have a friend in real life I want to introduce them to my other friends!

2. I do not feel pressure to add links to someone simply because they have done so to me.
Why? It could get ridiculously long and tedious.

3. I regularly read and comment on all my blog friends blogs.
Why? Because they are friends and I like to stay in regualr contact with them. To show them that the time and effort they have put into sharing part of themselves with me is appreciated.
It is the same with my real life friends. I like to be in contact with them at least once or twice a week and know what is going on with their lives.

So now I can get sentimental.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

You guys are the best!
Each of you have been an encouragement, a blessing, an apple a day.
You have made me wet myself laughing.
I have felt heartache for when you (or your kids ) go through hard stuff.
I have raged inside when you have been unfairly treated.
I raise an eyebrow and smile when you mispell a word ('cause I am relieved that I am not the only one!).
I snort with laughter when you relay an embarrasing moment, and clap when your child does something new and exciting.
And my eyes dance when I read something about you that is just like me!

I'm sorry, but I have to say
No matter what the critics say
When it comes to it
At the end of the day
I count you as a friend!


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Monday, July 17, 2006

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This is not going to be a productive week I can tell already!
We are back in the swing of things. School started up again today (all went well, Praise God!) and so did everything else.
It just seems like every day is chock full of stuff that needs doing.
No time for minimalizing! = (


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

#1 I was teasing Diva a little. Demonstrating to her (or actually demonstrating ON her!) how that having a loving face in her space all the time might be somewhat tiresome, and that that is how Topsy may occasionally feel with Diva joined adoringly to his (reluctant) hip 50% of the time! Toget this message across, I fluttered and crowded in close; I tickled her and cooed in her ear; I tried to pick her up unsteadily and sat super-close to her. Eventually, she frowned at me and before flouncing off she said: "If you weren't Mom, I'd tell Mom!!!

Background info: Our kids usually only ever watch cartoons on a non commercial government station. Cable or pay TV is not quite as common here as in the US and if they watch cartoons from a commercial station, I have usually taped it and they fast forward ads. However in holidays sometimes they watch cartoons in the morning, ads and all. And some of those ads sure do make an impression!.

Example: Tonight a friend popped in to see Hubby about the church extension. He was on his way home and held a beer in his hand (an unopened bottle, which he had just bought it from the shop).
After Hubby went out to chat to this friend and closed the door behind him, Roly came over to me with the most horrified expression on his face. Such a desperately panicked look.
'What's wrong !" I asked, concerned.
"Mr W has a beer in his hand!" Roly moaned.
"Oh. Yes... Well, I think Mr. W usually has a beer with his dinner, Roly." I soothed. Then because Roly still looked stricken, I said again, "WHAT?"

He whispered "But Mom, Drinking Kills Driving Skills!'
I horrified the poor kid even further, by bursting out laughing.


He was repeating the latest anti drink-driving slogan word for word.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I should explain the drink thing and Roly's horror. Being in the Anglican church here in Oz, we have a lot of our close friends who will regularly have a beer or glass of wine with dinner, ministry folk included. Very European. But neither Hubby or I grew up in homes in which alcohol was consumed, so neither of us are drinkers. Also, there is a history of alcoholism on my side, which is all the more reason to give it a wide berth. Hence, when we have visitors over, we never offer alcoholic beverages, so the kids just don't see a great deal of it.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lisa's 21st!
We went to her 21st tonight. Hard to believe that my little cousin is 21!
Most of my Mom's side of the family showed up for the bash! And that is saying something.
Mom'll be slightly embarrassed but I will tell you anyways. She is one of a family of 14 kids! And they all went and multiplied!
We are quite an intimidating number of people when we all show up at the same place and at the same time.
The party was only an hour's drive away. Hubby didn't make it, but I was glad I made the effort to go.
I love my extended family. Seeing as we grew up in Kenya, we only saw them rarely, so living this close is wonderful.
So, back to the party.
The food was great, the company was superb! And Lisa's speech was funny.
Now to the pics!
Here are some pics of Aunties and Uncles! I have three very wonderful Aunties (Mom's sisters, who all ran around after Topsy whilst I caught up with my cousins!) and 7 rugged and larrikiny Uncles. Plus all the extra aunties and uncles they married

Here are a couple pics of my cousins. See the pic where three other girls are posing with me. Well they are the three daughter of the three Aunties. Missed you in that pic, Robby!

Here are some of my cousins' kids with mine! They all get along so well to, which is a blessing.

And finally, Lisa cut her cake and made a very casual and funny speech. I include a pic of some of the young boy cousins (the second generation), because at their tuition, she concluded the speech by saying "may the force be with you", and the pic captures their exceedingly satisfied mugs!

OK, I am officially DOG tired. Off to bed. Have a great weekend all! Talk on Monday.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

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A Big Play Day

The kids had friends arrive at 6:45 this morning.
Why so early?
Because their parents (who work on the land) had a really early start this morning.

I was awakened to Roly shaking me urgently. 'Mom they're here!'

Embarrassing beginnings: I sat up bolt upright and felt blindly for my bra and some long pants to go over my boxers. I had laid these by my bedside table the night before in readiness for this; but in the cold light of day and being groggy, I had a lot of trouble getting either item on.
So instead I hopped awkwardly through the still-dark house to the kitchen. Then as I slung the bra over my shoulders and under my T-shirt, I peeked out the window in order to let the reality of seeing them all standing at the door wake me up!

They weren't there.
I turned to go to the front door, still attempting to harness up my uncooperative bosoms. (Sorry that is the politest word for them that I know) .'

'Mrs T.'

I froze. The bra slipped defeatedly to my waist. My bosoms followed suit. I peered into the gloom of the living room.

Three shadowy little figures sat on our lounge.

"We are already inside," one of them said unnecessarily.


Once I regained some dignity, we had a great day.

The kids played, playstationed, scavenger hunted, and crafted. Topsy toddled around after them all quite happily.

The kids are 3 in a family of 5 children. The two boys we had over are twins. One gets on really well with Spindles, and the other one gets on really well with Roly. And they all get on superbly as a foursome.
Their younger sister, who also came is a couple years older than Diva, but they play well too. So it was a perfect fit.

As it was payday, I fed them in better style than I would have yesterday! Heehee!
They dined on:
Homemade Bacon and Egg McMuffins for breakfast.
Popcorn and Cake for morning tea
Toasted cheese, ham and tomato sandwiches for lunch
Popcorn(received by a chorus of 'again?') and crackers for afternoon tea
Each of them got to pick an Icecream of their choice at the next door shop (this is a real treat which we hardly ever do)

Then Funny's family came over for a shared dinner of burritos with the works (missed you though, Funny!) And Funny's hubby also brought along some of his homemade goat's cheese. Which you can see served with cracker in one of the pics below. The kid's Dad came and stayed for dinner with the kids. It great to catch up a bit with him.

And as soon as they all left, Diva and I went and did a night grocery shop.
Here is my question, AZDaisy style: When do you shop for groceries?
I really like shopping for groceries at night by myself, so I can take my time and concentrate, and (here is the big plus) I don't have to have any kids with me. Tonight was a bit different, so I let Diva come too. The kids always want to come on the grocery shop, probably so they can give a bit of input into what I buy.
Diva was a big help.
But now it is late and I will adjourn to bed.
Tomorrow night the kids and I (hubby can't go because of church prep) will go to my cousin's 21st birthday about an hour away. I'll show you pics!
Nighty night!

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Just an ordinary old day

We just pottered around today.
Minimalizing-wise, I got one big box of little items sorted and mostly thrown out.

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We made a really huge batch of bubble mixture and a set of oversized bubble holders made of twisted wire. The first attempt at buuble mixture created bubbles that were not strong enough to hold form for very long. I should have added extra glycerin, but I didn't quite have enough for the size of the batch, and we don't Karo syrup here.
Then I got a brain wave (with the Karo in mind) and added some honey. That did the trick! I'll have to post some pictures tomorrow. Giant bubbles are a ton of fun.

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The kids played with friends today, and later we went for a bit of a bike ride, with Topsy following behind in his Cinderella carriage. Actually I met a friend at the bike park, and struck up a deal to swap my carriage for her bike seat (for a toddler) for a while. It is just more practical at present.

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I would have to say that my highlight of the day was the half hour chat I had (over a cup of delicious coffee) with Funny (Funny Farm on my links list) We will see the rest of her family at dinner tomorrow night, but she is on night shift then, and unable to join us. So I dropped in to see her afternoon. I had to have my 'Funny' fix! Thanks for having me pop over unannounced, Funny. I so enjoy your company!!

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Acquired Taste?

Listen this is not really my post for the day ( though watch, now I have said that, it will probably end up being just that!), but I was just going through You Tube, 'favoriting' Christian songs for my boys, when I remembered a song that is really weird, but that I like and I had to share.
It isn't Christian, but honestly when I first heard it I thought it was a child singing.
What do you think? All you guys on the other side of the globe probably alreadyknow of her .

I don't know, but that voice and that harp fascinate me!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

CLOSURE (pun intended)

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As you can see in the video, Roly stitched up my pants this morning.

How good a job did he do?

See for yourself.

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The finished work. But was it good enough?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
....Uh, not unless Mommy wants to gain a whole different reputation around town! (Roly modelled them over his PJs)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

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I love it.
My very independant baby has become Cuddles Extrordinaire.
I know it is probably a phase ( and due in part to the trauma of so much travel), but I am going to savor it and pretend it is just my lovableness.
Whatever the reason, Topsy certainly seems besotted with me.
Countless times in the day, he comes running over with his arms open wide to be folded into a hug. This from a child who would see me coming and find it amusing to run in the other direction as fast as possible.
And he has just learned that if he raises up his arms to us, we will pick him up.
In the morning when he comes into our bed, he now likes to cudle, and cuddle and cuddle for about an extra half hour, clasping my shoulders with both arms, soft head nestled on my chest, squeezing his eyes tightly closed!
LOL! I love it.
I could eat him up with a spoon!

Post Script on the Pants:

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Remember those pants I put a hole in?
Well, I thought that was all ancient history.
I was sure the boys would have forgotten the incident by now and MOVED ON.
Oh ho ho NO!
Today they were searching for them, 'cause apparantly I promised not to throw them out. (Yeah right! Ha!...... Well... actually I ended up not being able to throw them out , {sentimental value and all that}, but they do not know that.)
And then...
Roly said: Well, guess what you are getting for your birthday?
I deadpanned: What? Jewels?
Roly (totally missing the humor) frowned: No. A new set of pants, exactly like those old ones you ripped.
Spindles piped up: Yeah, but you will only wear them till we patch up the old ones for you.

Oh for crying out loud!
I think we need Dr. Phil to help us emotionally detach from our stuff so we can MINIMALIZE!

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Hi Everyone!

I cannot wait to check out all your blogs and see how everyone is doing. But really quickly and as simply as I can I want to totally overload you with photos from the Hubby's family reunion.

I will not bore you with the little details such as the delicacies we chowed on the ENTIRE weekend, or with the number of minutes Topsy slept the ENTIRE weekend (lets just say we could almost count them on the fingers of my hands and toes and leave it at that!!! What can I say, he loves his routine.)
Ok here goes!
Photo Time!

Below are a picture of one of the table settings in the marquis (sp?), and some of the gorgeous cakes that symbolized different events in the family.

Now in this next lot of photos, the young man is Hubby's brother (C), the young woman is one of Hubby's sisters (K) and her little girl (L). Hubby's parents are there too, as are C's boys (J and D) with our kidlets thrown in too.

This is for you Robby: a strip of the kids' cousin L. Isn't she gorgeous?

And this is not a fight. (thank goodness for that, my boys wouldn't have had a chance!) No, this is the four boy cousins bonding with each other!

The blue eyed girls really hit it off. apparantly beautiful L (whom we very rarely get to see due to distance, very sadly ) is quite reserved. but for some wonderful reason she loved Diva. And the feeling was mutual!

I missed out on the bonfire the night before, but this is was what was left of it.
But after the cousins and second cousins set to work, it soon it looked like this.

After a fantastic time at the reunion, we raced to Sydney to see our precious new nephew (F, you could not have timed your labour better. Thanks God!).
OOops! I need to back up a bit.
You see as we were driving to the reunion we heard that F, Hubby's sister, had had her baby!!!
It was beautiful timing, as most family members were already close by because the reunion was only an hour from Sydney.
This beautiful boy will have a name soon. (He was supposed to be a girl, so it is really his own fault! :)
Hubby's sister F and her hubby P have certainly got a beautiful, much prayed for baby. I cannot wait to see him grow up! (though not too soon!)

I will write more later. Bye! Sorry if I misspelt anything, this was a fast post!
PS. Regarding my previous post. the visit with the nightmare family actually went OK.
Right off the bat, the Dad and the Mom were both commenting on how violent their boys are with each other, and how they need an adult to sit in between them on trips. (this was right at the beginning of the visit so I was inwardly freaking out about how it would all pan out) but thankfully we saw no evidence of this. Phew!
Some of the extreme behavior we saw from the mother last time, was really toned down this visit. In fact she made a bit of a joke about it.
We were still ready to say goodbye, but not nearly as desperately as we imagined! Thanks God! Again!

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Friday, July 07, 2006

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I really feel bad for feeling like this,but we have some city friends, who we do not see very often coming for lunch.
And I am not looking forward to it at all.

The Dad who is really a good friend of ours from years ago (and from Hubby's childhood), is the easiest of the bunch to handle.
But he likes that one of his boys in particular is rough, and he encourages it. He calls the kid 'roughnut' in an affectionate tone.
The Mom is a tightly wound person and ready to snap.
She puts her Hubby down in public all the time (which is so Wrong!!!), and though we can talk quite easily, I find things a bit strained.

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The two boys are really rough and undisciplined. Last time one of them snapped and broke several of the kid's toys before we could confiscate them.
Our kids are not a bit excited about this afternoon without us even saying anything negative. They have elephant's memories!
Now in saying all this:
Our memories are of the last time they blew through, now 18 months ago and when they stayed with us for an entire weekend.
It was totally full on.
Our family love having company but we need space too, or at least some down-time where our guests are relaxed as well.
This did not happen. Little things became crisis (in the plural) and in the end I was tiptoeing around on eggshells in my own home!
So this time, we have said 'no' to having them stay with us, but they are coming for lunch and then maybe we'll go see them tonight for a BBQ.
I'll keep you updated!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Ok, this is a great example of how hard it is for us (as in, our family) to part with stuff, and why becoming a minimalist is such a big deal for me.
The Background Info: I fell backwards on a crate this week and tore an unfixable hole in the seat of my pants.
The Action: So I put them in the bin.
The Fallout: Last night Roly discovered them and when he showed them to Spindles, the drama erupted.
They agonized over parting with the pants that they have memories of their Mummy wearing on so many occasions. Honestly they begged and pleaded with me to somehow produce a miracle of darning. It was a pathetic thing to witness, I tell you! :)
The Compromise: I remained firm and they eventually conceded defeat, only after extracting a promise that I would photograph said pants for memories.

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