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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

In the game of 'The Baby likes to Feed Himself", Big Mama is: The Ultimate Survivor.

'It was no easy feat!' the approachable brunette admitted in our candid, behind the scenes interview with her. "He threw every trick in the book at me. We were evenly matched and in the end it simply came down to the fact that I outwitted him."

In other "Survivor" news, we can today exclusively reveal that Big Mama's contender in the final two, Topsy the Independant, is as yet unaware of his defeat. He is, in fact, under the impression that the game is still being played. More on that as the story unfolds."

Ok, here's what really went down. I found out a way for Topsy to think he is feeding himself, when I really am. I will only do it for messy foods, but honestly it is so much easier to clean him up this way! I ended up giving up on a bib, because he got so much food all over himself.
I am extremely proud of Topsy for wanting to be independant, and he can eat quite well with a spoon most of the time..... it just that it is MESSY!

So Big Mama came up with a plan and put it into action!

I got a bowl of yogurt and placed it close enough for me to feed him, but out of his line of vision. Then I placed a plain bowl of spagetti and a spoon on his tray. I
f he has a bowl of food and a spoon he is happy.
If I have a bowl and a spoon, and he only has toast slices, he is not happy.
So today Topsy was happy.

He began to attempt to capture some spagetti onto his spoon, while I surrepticiously got a spoonful of yogurt ready. As he put his empty spoon into his mouth, strands of spagetti falling sadly back onto the tray, I put my full spoon near his mouth and he automatically ate it.
And in this way we got through his entire bowl of yogurt.

I do not think I have laughed so hard in a very long time. He was trying to spoon that spagetti in so earnestly and carefully, and all he was getting was yogurt from an unseen source. Every once in a while he would give up and pop a strand of spagetti into the yogurty cavern of his mouth with his clenched fist, but I think he was a little baffled.
I, of course, got the giggles, so he smiled brightly back at me throughout the whole thing.

And the outcome was that instead of looking like this at the end of his meal:

.....he looked like this!

Much cleaner!

In other cute news: Today Topsy walked around in his shoes.

And he went for his very first walk without me carrying him. He went for a walk with me to see our next door neighbours. It was very exciting!!!

I carried the great big doona that I had washed in our super-sized washing machine for them. Lucy our dog was with us, as was the stray pup, who ran around all of us in excited circles. After plenty of detours and explorations, we finally got to the neighbour's gate behind which our neighbour's boy dog was excitedly anticipating female company.

Hence it was a real struggle to get in and only bring in my dog (who their dog knows).

Of course Topsy decided that this was the perfect moment for him to show me that he could run...


towards the road!!!

So I dropped the doona in the dirt. Argggh!

The boy dog got out and all three dogs proceeded to meet and greet (ie, smell and lick each other's bottoms) all over the freshly laundered doona! EEEks!

I meantime hightailed it towards Topsy, dressed in my pants whose zipper slides down if there is the slightest exertion. Well I was exerting!! So I grabbed a giggling Topsy up, in the nick of time, then grabbed my pants up (also in the nick of time, NO JOKE!).

I ripped the doona out from under the slobbering dogs with an evil glint in my eye, and shook off what dog hairs and wormy skid marks (OK I am exaggerating now!) I could, before presenting it to my poor neighbour who is still none the wiser. And no, she does not read this blog, so don't tell her.!! Think of it as an immunization for them. I am. A sort of flu shot for germy things! Oh dear!

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