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Sunday, August 02, 2009

A beautiful gift

This morning, a couple of ladies and I were chatting innocently away, when I said to one of them "Judy, I love your scarf. It looks like it might be from Kenya...." as I tend to do when I spot African-looking things.
'You can have it.' she said, touching it threateningly (a very African thing to do actually. Never admire something belonging to an African, as, depending on the culture, you are likely to have just unwittingly forced them to give it to you!)
I protested in much horror, but Judy deliberately unwound the scarf and pressed into my hands.
"I was really moved by today's sermon on giving. And I determined that if anyone admired this scarf today, I would give it to them." she insisted.
There was no dissuading her. So now I own this gorgeous Kenyan scarf. (yes it is from Kenya!)
I decided to try to and do it justice photographically it in my friend's honour. Thanks Judy, it is extra special because of the story behind it!!!

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