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Friday, March 24, 2006

I Am Topsy and This is My Story

Boy did I have a distobbing weekend! When my Mommy took me over to church on Saturday night, I thought things were going to be gweat, like always.

At first I thought Mommy had accidently taken us to a 'fweek of the week ' show'. It was cwaziness in there.

And get this: half the loonies thought they knew me!

I held onto Mommy real tight!

This short smiley dude seemed to want to plant a kiss on me.

But, no sirwee! Those lips weren't coming any closer!!!!

The girl here with all the necklacess wouldn't stop fluttering her eyelashes and asking me to play with her.

Sheesh! Hadn't any of these people heard of Schtwanger Danger!?!

Mommy eventually found a regular guy to hold me while she went for a drink, but then these two really old ladies kept crowding in on us and asking if we could have a photo together.

I think I would have brushed my hair and blended my makeup in some more, before steppping out the door, if I was them!

This walking mop head chased me around the room half the night. It was tewwifying!

My very own Daddy and his friend had to give each other piggy back rides. I was so embarrased for my Daddy, but at the end, everyone clapped like they had done good. And then my Daddy and his friend won a prize. I wish someone had told me I could get a prize for that. My Mommy does that to me every day.

Just when I thought the evening could not get scawier, it did! See the lady sitting with my sis, and that other lady with the bonnet on. Well my Mommy told me that they are my Granny and Grandad, her Mommy and Daddy. !!!!! Boy I hadn't seen that one coming!

After I picked my jaw off the ground, I had a little chat to myself.

At least now everything about my Mommy suddenly makes a lot more sense.

And there is a good chance that I haven't inherited any of my Mommy's genes (except for that thing that we don't talk about). I am probably my father in every way ...................

.....or maybe not! (deep sigh!)

Why did I do it you ask!

Well I can't beat em: so I thought: 'I'll give it a whirl'. And guess what: I like letting my hair down!

I am Topsy and this was my story. (Mommy has tried to tell me that it had all just been a church family fun night, and I am playing along, but we all know the truth don't we?!? *wink wink *

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