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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Kenya Safari # 7:
Camping in Style

When I fantasize about going back to Kenya with my family, as well as taking them to all my old haunts, what I really want to do is go on a luxury tented safari.
...if you did not see the tents I bought at the garage sale two posts ago, and scroll down to check them out. That is my reality (not that there is anything wrong with that!). But the next few shots are my fantasy, my daydream tented safari experience in Kenya.....

We wake up at the crack of dawn with only time to gulp down a hot cup of chai......

....before we go for a dawn game drive.

Then we sit outside our tent contemplating how small we are in this amazing world....

.....till it's time for a hot breakfast round the campfire.

Relax in the tent..... a book or write some postcards.

After lunch there is another game drive. We take lots of great footage.

I come out to the empty social area and entertain myself by pretending it is in my backyard.

Get bathed and ready for dinner, and then sit at the door of the tent, listening to the long unheard, yet so familiar night noises of Africa.

Time to gather as a group around the campfire and discuss our day and what we have seen.

We are momentarily silenced by the beauty of the sun setting behind the thorn trees.

The chef serves up the kind of meal Easau would have given his birthright away for.....

...and we dine in style....

...and then hear each others stories and laugh around the fire.

Before the flames die out....

...we hit the sack so we can be up in time to do it all again.

Can you imagine living in a tent like that... on a safari like that? I can!

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