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Friday, March 30, 2007

Story, no pics as we are working on slowed broadband at present. Bleh!

It has been noticed with mounting frequency that discernable English words are few and far between in Topsy's verbal repertoire.
And he is reluctant to part with those words if he has an audience.

On numerous occasions, I have tried to coax a 'bye bye' out of his tightly-sealed lips for departing guests, only to have him murmur 'Baa baa' with a smug grin mere seconds after their car has left our drive.
Then when I tried to show Funny Farm how well he understood words, by going through our carefully rehearsed,'Where's your head, Topsy. Touch your head... nose, eyes, etc'; (He had done it faultlessly earlier when it was just me!!), he gazed at me blankly like he had just been transported to our land and language from a remote part of China!

So I had pretty much given up on the idea that my Topsy will show off his words for an audience.

But no, Murphy's law proved me wrong.
He does love an audience, just not the audience I pick!

So I was in the library this afternoon, picking up a mass of books for the kids, today being the last day of school this term.
Every one in the library was quiet; hard at work or reading. If the proverbial pin had dropped, we would have heard it!
And all those faces were so serious.

Whilst I was in the long queue to get my books, Topsy looked about at his audience cheerily.

'H'lo!' He greeted them all. " H'lo'.

No replying 'Hello's'. He waited a second, then tried again.
A ringing silence.

He was quiet then, for which I sighed inwardly with relief. No need for unpleasant looks, (I thought to myself) 'cause my child has shushed.

'H'LO!!!!' shouted Topsy, straining his neck and body as far out of the pram as possible so he could be seen by his unresponsive audience. "H'LO!!!'

(No he hadn't gone silent because he had given up. The silence had been due to his gulping in as much air as possible so his lungs could expand, thus enabling him to shout louder)

'H'LO! he was still shouting with gusto as I rushed out of the building, clutching the books in dissaray.

'Baa,baa' he farewelled them soflty as we reached the car.

We are evidently not targetting the same audience!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yee ha!

so far so good!
Monday went super brilliantly. I half expected to get a phonecall last night about coming in today, but that never happened.... till this morning!
Well, I was coming in anyways, so getting paid for it would be great!
Then, they asked if I would maybe come in tomorrow for the morning.

Usually Wednesday it not good, because setting up and preparing for the Wednesday Kid's club takes a lot of time.
Also I don't want to start putting in lots of days, which leads to me being separated more from my baby than I had planned.

I said "Yes, but only becuase it is the end of term party for Kid's club ( a no-brainer), but also said that Wednesdays and Thursdays from now on are not good for me.

I will also have to write a letter in saying that I can only do one day a week (or three mornings) , till Topsy is in preschool.
If they could make me permanet part time, I would be over the moon. No more wondering what days I was coming in for.

I have been really happy with how the teaching has been going. Numeracy especially, as I have sat in on more of those than of literacy.

And every time a teacher has walked in, the kids have been hard at work. Love it!!!! :)

So thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers.

PS. Oh and Topsy is just so settled at Funny Farm's. No tears anymore. Goes to her without a murmur.
And when I go to pick him up, he comes over to say hello after a moment or two, but then he goes back happily to whatever I have interrupted.
Isn't Funny Farm fantastic?

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday night....

I got a call an hour ago. Can I teach tommorrow? The same class I have been going in to observe? Just for a half day, doing numeracy and litercy?

Yes I can!

Think of me! :)

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thomas Ploop

Well the day after I wrote my last post, we actually DID get a baby.!!!!
It was very unexpected and impromptu, but definitely a great decision to take on.... a kitten!

When we told the kids, they just about collapsed with the joy of it all.

A friend who works at the shop next door is a cat lover and recently rescued a stray with newborn kittens. This was the only one she couldn't get rid of, having kept two herself.
So Hubby and I gave in.

He is smoky and just totally adorable. At five weeks he is totally kitty litter trained!
(Topsy sure needs to follow his example!)
Mischief, our other cat was very bemused about the intruder last night, but today she seems to keep following him around to see what he will do next.
The kids actually decided to call the kitten Mischief Junior (disregarding the fact that Mischief is a girl), but upon reflection came up with Thomas Ploop. I call him Tom Plop behind their backs.

So I give you: Thomas Ploop!

Sorry that you have to look sideways to see the first one. I can't find a video upload that swops the picture around right when it is sideways!

Oh and here is my real baby with his favorite bevarage, a milkshake! I love this pic, because that is exactly what he does with his eyes all the time. The video is sideways too! Grr.
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Our New Baby

Yes, I know; that was a cheap shot at getting y'all's attention!

I have not got a new 'bun in the oven'!

But Hubby and I have sort of got a new baby.

And that baby has finally been delivered out of an idea we have been mulling over for months now.
And this past Sunday, at last we we had our first CIA meeting!

The name is one that we inherited from the church, but the concept is new.

CIA is a kid's Bible study.
Not a Sunday School, not a kid's club, not a youth group, but a Bible Study, where they look at a Bible passage and with the help of questions, tease it out and examine it.

So, on Sunday afternoons at 3:45 early birds got to devour a yummy icecream sundae (sundaes on Sunday, of course! Diva and I made the most delicious hot choc fudge sauce we have EVER tasted).

And then at 4:00, we got right into the study. We decided to start with the gospel of Mark, as it is the easiest gospel to read.

To begin with Hubby gave an overview of Mark (when it was written, who by etc) and then we read the first few verses.

We split into groups (grades 6-8 with Hubby and other helper, the rest with me) and answered 3 questions.

That was enough really, but the kids were really on board with it.

After getting prayer requests and praying in our small groups, we came back together to do announcements and to paste the study and their calendar sheets into their notebooks.

We gave each kid a CIA bag to put their Bible in to bring each week. The bag also contained:

*a bookmark

*a cool pen with the books of the Bible on it

*a highlighter

*a gluestick

* a pair of scissors

*an A4 notebook (into whcih they paste the studies, calendar dates for CIA activities and write prayer requests

*a devotional book to use with their Bible each day

THis will be what happens 3 weeks out of every month. THen on the 4th month, we do Unknown Zone, where we might take the kids to visit someone who tells us the story of their faith (testimony) or talk about some topical issues that the kids have raised earlier. (We have a Hot Spot question box over at church that the kids can post topical or Bible questions into anonymously.)

And once every holiday we will take the kids for a CIA secret mission.

This holidays we are going to a farm for a hayride and Easter egg hunt, then coming back to have a Menu Mayhem dinner (cryptic menu where cutlery is disguised into the menu. The kids select the order their individual food comes out and may recieve their dessert first without any cutlery!LOL!) and games night.

We are really excited and invigorated by the fact that the CIA is finally coming together. And the wise older Christian man who came up with the title CIA for an older kids Sunday school group he used to run, is helping to run it too.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

(Ths second post in a row is dedicated to MamaMentor, 'cause I mustered up something to post in response to your kind email!)

I know it won’t happen for ages, especially seeing as I have only had one half day of work so far, but my desire to move a little ways out of town is becoming stronger.

We live on the main street of our tiny town, which makes us conveniently close to all our towns facilities, but there is also a pub (bar) on that street, and that is NOT convenient.
We always expect a bit of noise on Friday and Saturday nights as the masses stagger past our home to get to theirs.

But just lately, it has seemed to escalate.
There is a group that apparently wander around the area aimlessly around, having 'who can shout the loudest' competitions, followed by 'who can fit the most unimaginative swear words into one sentence, whilst also participating in the aforementioned competiton' competiton. If there is still time, they try to fit in at least one round of 'I am going to try to kill you, because you insulted my woman in the pub' competiton. Oh and how could I have omitted the ever popular 'whistle at an impossibly earsplitting pitch for at least 10 minutes to get the attention of our inebriated buddy who left 10 minutes ago, in an attempt to get him to come back and participate in any of the aforementioned competitons' competition.

Oh, and the above are always held always seem to take place right outside poor Topsy’s window. The kids wake up frightened, or worse, have nightmares into which the frightening sounds of these goings-on are woven.

Well last Saturday I had had enough. The rowdy group stopped by our house (again) and decided to loiter loudly as has become their custom, with the accompanying swearing , mock fighting that appears to be their way of communicating.

A couple cars were doing burn-outs down our street (as in, spinning their tyres so hard, smoke comes out).

Then they started with the earsplitting music. Our house was literally vibrating. It flt like it was actually a band in our house.

So after a half hour of it, I figured that none of them were going anywhere, so I ventured to call the cops, who are about 15 minutes away. They took an hour to come (imagine if something had gone wrong!), but the whole shebang stopped after that.

And then last night, at midnight a man screaming fit to die woke me with a terrified start . He sounded like a guy I once saw hit with pepper spray. Up and down the surrounding streets I could hear him crying out, sounding like he was in a bad way. So I called the police again. But he stopped and I fell back to sleep before they came this time.

So folks, I have decided that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

I am determined to win the 'most persistant and annoying caller in to the police regarding drunken disorderly in a small town' competition.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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A together thing

Von Trapp family look OUT!
LOL! Well maybe not quite, but Hubby and I are finally getting around to doing something we have talked about in ages.

We are learning to play the guitar together.

Not in a conventional sense, for of course that would be far too simple. J
No. Hubby will be having lessons at the local primary school with half of the Kid’s Club. I can’t go then because that is when I am heading out to observe the teacher I am replacing next term.

Then the deal is that he passes on his new found knowledge to me, (I also have the teaching book, and the accompanying instructional DVD as resources.)

It has been rather exciting. Hubby’s first lesson was yesterday. Though by the time he got home (11:00 pm ). I was yawning all through his ‘lesson’ to me and giggling in quite a silly fashion at his earnest strumming.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We have one newly purchased adult guitar between us, as well as a ¾ one which Hubby used as for childhood lessons.
On Friday I purchased a cheap miniature of our new one for Topsy. He just loves when Hubby pulls out the guitar and has a strum. I am OK too, but his obviously favorite rocker is his Daddy.
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And because of this, getting him a guitar has kind of backfired. I got it so that they could do a father/son jam. But Topsy just gives Daddy his guitar and sits back reverently to listen to the unearthly noises Hubby produces with it. (Although the noises have vastly improved since that first lesson!)

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Our Anne of Green Gables Tea

About two weeks ago (yes that is how behind I am in being newsy) Diva and I took 'tea' together.

Diva has been dying to have the tea, but I made her wait till we read the chapter in the book (Anne of Green Gables) to actually do it.
It was fun setting up the table with the tea set that Diva bought from the church garage sale.
The tea cups and plates are mine but the little jug and matching bits on the table are hers, plus the little glasses.

We feasted on cake and peanutbutter/ choc chip cookies.

And the infamous 'red cordial'!

Like Diva's dress?

No puffed sleeves, or any sleeves, but it was reduced to $6 and to get it that length, I had to buy a 12 year old's size! Diva was really excited about it.

Of course Topsy saw the photo opportunity and pushed his way in!

Diva made and decorated the cake. It actually said 'Anne's tea' quite clearly, before all the other decorations went on! :)

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

This is becoming a bad habit!!

Wooops, it's been awhile! Again!
We have had my Hubby's wonderful parents, sister and her gorgeous bub up for the last week, so I have barely commented, let alone blog.
We had a great time with them, but I took no pics. I hope they email me some copies soon so I can post them.

I didn't go in to do any observing at school due to our visitors, and I haven't taught at all since last Monday.
Life is going along quite smoothly with us.
Roly continues to go well socially with no bullying. Praise God!
Spindles and Diva are cruising through as well.
Topsy continues to copy everything we do except for talk. Well, he talks, we just don't know what he is saying! LOL. His Poppy (Hubby's Dad) called him 'Dutdut' because he says THAT a lot!!!

And Hubby and I are both taking guitar lessons. Or Hubby is taking the lesson, then coming home to pass on his knowledge to me. Very exciting! Von Trapps here we come!

I hope to post again soon, but now I will leave you with a couple of cute vids of Topsy's first day at Funny Farm's home.

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