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Monday, March 13, 2006

Kenya Safari - of sorts!

Ok now adjust your pith helmets, strap on your seatbelts, cause the traffic is unpredictable and let's go SHOPPING!
But before we get the fun touristy stuff, we need to buy fruit, veg and of course some healthy fish.
For all that of course, the Nairobi City markets is the obvious place to go.
Scroll down slowly please; no looking at the tourist stalls before doing the hard ( and smelly) yards!
Here goes!

We start at the real Kenyan end of the markets. Most tourists don't come in here. This is where the air is ripe with the smells of very dead fish, rotten fruit, and lots of shoppers crammed in close quarters together.
But there is a lot to see.

Mmm, mmm! Smelly samaki, anyone? Actually, even though they look to be fly magnets, we always enjoyed the nile perch we got from the market. Though we probably got our fish from somewhere like....

....this slightly more hygenic premises.

Ok now, having selected your fish, time to go inside the market itself for the fruit and veg.

Oy, stop looking upstairs at the touristy stuff! We'll be down here for the moment. Stay on task, please.

Ok, I must say that the tropical fruit is to be highly recommended. The papaya and mangoes are wonderful. Best in the world. Steer clear of the apples, though. They are imported and woody

All the vegies are excellent. Just make sure you wash everything with detergent before consuming.

Alright, work is done. Lets have a look upstairs. If you have any shillings left from the groceries, now is the time to spend them!

Wow fancy meeting Arthur here!

'Trythis on. I'll tell you a ridicuously high price and we'll have fun bargaining down to something acceptable to us both.'

'I'm cheaper than she is!'

Masaii bracelets...

.......or necklaces

So, did you get what you wanted? Excellent.

Well save up your shillings and come back hungry next week 'cause then I'm going to feed you traditional Kenya cuisine! Bye for now.

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