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Friday, March 31, 2006

Topsy and the Green Climby Thing
I am Topsy and this is my story.
Last week I had a real certified adventure. It's the truth!
It was a sunny afternoon. All the church men had stopped the building work.
And that was when I saw it.
And not just any ladder.
THE ladder!
I have ears, you know. (They are flabby things stuck right on my head and they are fun to pull!)
But anyhow, I hear with my ears the stories my Mommy reads to us. I know all about Jack and that green climby thing. Where he founded stuff that did their tricks over and over. You remember that chooky with its eggs and all? Well Jack had to cut the climby bits of the green thing off, so the giant couldn't hold on no more, and get down to get back all his stuffs. But I know that you can still climb up it using a ladder.
And there was something precious I wanted from the giant. Something that could do its trick over and over!
So once everyone had gone, I scooted my little buns over to that ladder and took a deep breath. Iheld on tight then closed my eyes and tried to remember how the men had done that steppy thing with their legs so that they could move up that ladder.
Boy, it was harder than it looked! I kept forgetting to put my foot up at the right time and slipped back onto the ground. Actually most of the time I accidently jumped up and down instead of stepped. My little tootsies have to jump! I like rhythm.
That's what I did need! So that is what I did.
I just bopped my way up that ladder, pretending I had my Colin Buchanan singing beside me.
Up... and up I goed. And soon I found there was a bit of traffic on that thing. And they were slowing me down.
But I had to battle on to get my special thing. And finally after lots of steppin'I had reached my restination.....
The giant's castle.
There was all sorts of stuff there. I crawled around real quiet like, looking for the thing I needed.
But faster than I could say Fee Fum Fo, the giant's giant booming voice scared me so much, I was happy I had brought along a change of nappy!!!!!
He lookedreal growly, so I just cut to the chase. I told him of my quest.
"You want something that keeps doing it's trick over and over!" he bellowed.
I just nodded.
"Alright then, what about this?"
I shook my head. I already have a whole ton of toys.
"Then what about this?" he growled
Now that was more like it! but I shook my head. I already have those Colin DVDs.
What do you want?, he moaned. Just tell me and I'll give it to you. I've got a headache already.!"
I schooched over and shouted my bestest hope quietly in his ear.
He looked at me and shook his head.
I was debwastated . I had wanted it so bad.
"Is that all you want?" he cackled. Why that is the silliest thing ever. In fact I'll grant it. It makes me laugh!"
In a flash, he held it out in his hand, but then he stopped.
"Look, you climb down and I will drop it down to you on a rope."
I hoped he would keep his word! With one last longing look at my thing, down I stepped, very carefully, back down the ladder.
My house and my Mommy was a looong way down. I got a bit wobbly just thinking about it. But I made it . And guess what?
This giant keeps his promises. He rolled my wish down.
A couple minutes later I was sitting at the table ready to try my new bowl of basgetti bogonyase what never ends.
It works!!
I had a big bowl of basgetti....
then some more.....
one more bit....... Ohh it is so yummy. I have eaten three bowls . Actually my tumtum hurts so I have to go lie down.

I am Topsy (!!! burp!!!) and that was my story (!!hic!!).

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