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Thursday, April 27, 2006

What's in a Name!!
Why Big Mama? Why Mama chameleon?
Let me fill you in. Hubby did not want our real names out in the WWW (wild, wild west!), so I had to change the original name of the blog rather quickly.
Chameleons are African. They change colour and adapt to their surroundings.
I feel like a chameleon a lot, though I don't think the adapting I am referring to means that I am in any way being a follower or am not being true to my beliefs. What I mean is that I adapt (I think ) rather well to who I am with. I am comfortable with a group of gals my age, and equally comfortable with a group of older friends.
And don't even start me on being adaptable as a parent. I am forever learning and having to re-evaluate what I do, and why I do it. Thankfully this chameleon tends to roam in a nice big tree with lots of other friendly wildlife, and no predator seems to have spotted me yet.
Now Big Mama is a name I came up with. Strange I know. Big Mama came into existance early last year, after Roly had been hurt (his feelings that is) by so-called 'friends'. His little heart was broken and he had just sobbed out the story of what had happened. After we had talked it through and devised a plan of action, we started making up scenarios of what Roly could do, if faced with the same situation the next day.
Our family tends to be a bit silly really at times, and unfortunately we mostly tend to find each othe hilarious ( unless I am grumpy, or the jokes become plain silly. Which is rather a lot actually!)
OK, so back to the story. Well these scenarios soon left the path towards Helpful and Problem Solving' ,and detoured down the more exciting shortcut to Slapstick Humor. We eventually had Big Mama at school performing unheard of feats, and when said bullying occured, Big Mama ended up sitting atop pile of said bullies! I was also transformed into the boys' butch friend "Big Michael" (who happens to have a tattoo of the main bully on his forearm, and when Big Michael flexes his arm, said bully's bottom appears to do a little poop. My idea. Is that wrong?)
Anyways, that is how I became big Mama. Though now the name is generally only used around here in smothered whispers when I am on the warpath and everyone is scampering to get out of the way.
Quote of the week:
Spindles had organized his siblings to contribute entries into his coloring competition.
Roly was a little slow off the mark, so Spindles called out: 'Come on Roly. you'd better start. The competition ends tomorrow!'
Roly (cautiously). "OK, but what's the prize?
Spindles: "You don't find out till you win."
Roly: Nope, I'm not doing it then. It's probably one of those things where you win a girlfriend for a month!"

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