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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Talkin' and Knowin'

I am Topsy and this is my story.

No matter what I do around here, people seem to get excited about it.
I am surrounded by clapping and happy looks. I like that!

Take the other night for example. I was just sitting in my bath minding my own business, making funny sounds with my lips. Having lips is fun, fun, fun! They do such exciting things and make real good sounds.
So there I was blowin' though my mouth an' all, flappin' my lips together real fast so they got all tingly.
An' my Mommy and my Diba, they started clappin like there was a good show on! I looked around to see where it was, an guess what? The real good show was me! Me and my flappin' lips!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"See! He is making the elephant noise, " said Mommy over the clapping. "He's got his elephant and he's making the elephant noise!"
Elephant noise? What elephant noise?

Mommy was pointing at the toy in my hand.

So that is what an elephant is! I use it to squirt water into my mouth so I can flap my lips real fast. But I wasn't makin' no elephant noise!

"Clever Boy," my Diba beamed at me. "Brooo brooo!"

Poor Diba. I hope one day she will learn to talk real good.

Then I started singing my dada song to my rubber duck, and they all got excited and clappy again. And I was the real good show again!

I think I must be famous. Or maybe I am a prince.

But there is something else my family does that is real crazy.

They keep wanting me to know stuff, then when I try, they take it away from me!

When I am watching my Colin on TV and I am trying to know the TV machine, my Mommy says "know". So I try even harder to know it, but she moves the machine back from me so I can't. !!!

When I am jumping to my music, and I am trying to turn up the sound, my Mommy says "know Topsy". So I trys to know it with all my might.
Now my Mommy has put a big table in front of my music, so it is real hard to know it at all!

Then I go to my Mommy's specialest African table, 'cause I love to know all that stuff! And my Mommy says 'know' the loudest when she sees that.
It must make her real happy!

But guess what? She takes me away from that table and says "know, know, know!"

I am trying, Mommy, I am trying. But how can I 'know, know know' from all the way over the other side of the room?

Being me in this family is real confusing.

I am Topsy and that was my story.

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