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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pure Gold

While we were vising our parents on the October long weekend, Mom passed on to me some things from the family home where Uncle John lived all his life (now that he has died, the house is being sold). And she gave me something else that I hadn't seen since my childhood. Something that evoked quite a lot of emotion in me actually. Pure gold:

These are some of the memory verse cards Dad used to go over with me, and I will have you know they are double-sided!

As a child, every night before stories, (both a Bible story and a couple of chapters out of something like Narnia or Lord of the Rings), Dad would go through at least one side of one of the cards, with him givinging me the reference, and I saying the verse. Robyn had her own cards also.

I can't remember how exactly we learnt all those verses, though still today some of them come to me in tunes! :)

Sometimes I found those verse a drag, if I am honest. I remember feeling that I was too old to do memory verses when I was on holidays from boarding school.

But let me assure you what a fantastic legacy it was that my Dad gave me. He really enabled me to 'hide God's Word in my heart (from Ps 119:11)

And when I went through tough stuff, which we all do, and when I couldn't even face the thought of reading the Bible or praying because I knew I was outright rejecting God's will for me; all those memory verses that I had learned became like God's still small voice prompting me personally (probably was, don't you think?) All the promises and love and challenges in those verses refused to go out from my brain. I am so grateful for that.

I have tried to do the same with my kids several times and only through the lack of me following through, it has not been so successful. But the visual reminder and emotional upwelling after seeing these precious cards has re -energized me to start again. Trying to do Bible passages this time.

I have gone for the very basic Psalm 23 as a first go. I have to say I started with low expectations and had them go over the first couple of verses the other night, before going out to visit a friend.

When I got home, Roly, who had shown no interest in learning the passage earlier, was still awake. In breathless excitement, he told me the whole Psalm (23 that is, not the entire book!) Yay!! Boy did I underestimate them!

So onward we go, while their brains are little sponges, absorbing and learning truths and promises that will only come to mean more to them as they grow in experiences and in their faith.

Thanks Mom and Dad for your faithfulness in pointing me to Christ! XXOO

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