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Saturday, July 25, 2009

I am at the end of a 3 week vacation off school in which much was going to be accomplished. Yeah, right.....!

The biggest most pressing job of the holiday was the social skills program for the teenagers with Aspergers, the program I was supposed to both start and finish. Haven't even peeked at that yet, and it is Saturday afternoon. The last Saturday afternoon before school. Eeeks.
Oh well, I took a bucket load of pictures, and played games with my kids, and relaxed, so not all the time was wasted.

So a little bit has changed since I was last on here regularly. And this will affect my blogging fodder!

1. I have a great camera
2. No longer am I a SAHM, 'cause I am a teacher's assistant 4 mornings a week.
3. I have traded Kid's Club in for Youth Group, day and time wise fits our family better.
4. I walk 20 minutes 6 days a week for my mental fitness.
5. The kids have grown. So here they are:
Spindles (11) and Roly (nearly 14)

Diva (nearly 10)

and Topsy (4)

6. and last but not least: I am going to be planning our 2012 trip to Kenya, US and Scotland!!!! So our frugal living efforts and planning efforts should be bloggable, no?

Today's thing to tackle: I am really wanting to start a Bible Memory segment up for our Youth Group. Cool Bible Memory games and techniques with a comp between boys/ girls with a cup for the winners at the end of the year. My Dad helped me memorize Bible verses from a very young age, and while I found it a bit of a drag sometimes, God's Word was certainly writ on my heart. When I went though a bit of a shocker in Year 11 and 12 and wandered right away from God's truths, those same verses came back to me all the time. I really want to pass that on to the next gen. I have been so slack doing it with my own kids, but no time like the present. :)
I also need to come up with something to cook as I and another family are catering tomorrow night's church dinner. Potato and leek soup with homemade bacon and cheese rolls crossed my mind, as did Thai pork meatball in lime-coconut satay on rice; or meatloaf with my world famous potato bake.
Better go and work it out, huh? so fun to be blogging again! Yay!

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