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Friday, December 26, 2008

Surefire Ways to Embarrass Your Teenager for Dummies: A tutorial

I thought I should sound like an expert at it, as apparantly I am quite adept; at embarrassing my teenager, that is.

And today's method of embarrassment? Take your teenager and his siblings on a fieldtrip to get rid of all the surplus garbage from Christmas that won't fit into our own garbage bins.

Here is how I did it:

Piled all the kids into the car. Loaded each lap with a large green bag full of garbage. Then drove around looking for half empty public bins in which to put one bag. Please don't email me about this. I only put one garbage bag in each public bin.

Well ,this field trip was apparantly the ultimate embarrassment and very 'hobo' ( not the dicitionary meaning of the word, rather, slang for 'not cultured')

I thought the car smelled OK, but you wouldn't have gathered that from all the gagging going on around me. I thought it was a fun little adventure, a quest to rid our neighbourhood of a smell that would only worsen and linger for several days till next Wednesday. But apparantly I have not got my finger on the pulse of what constitutes fun and adventure. And apparantly no teen has ever had to endure what I put my child through on our little jaunt.

Till next time!

Next week's tutorial: public shows of affection with your teen!!!

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