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Monday, December 08, 2008

Special Memories!

Last weekend Diva, who started singing lessons this term, sang at her first recital. She did NOT want to perform at ALLL. And on the day of the recital, she went into a phase where she could not even talk, which, if you know this girl at all, is unheard of!!!

But when it came time she sang beautifully. Waiting to hear if one of the teachers got an audio of her singing 'My Favorite Things".
I had been so nervous for her, but it all went away when she sang, and though I tend not to be a crier, I couldn't stop the tears from leaking down my cheeks!!! Well done, Diva!

She has confidence in sunshine....

Did I do good?

Then on Thursday night at the final presentation night of school, both Roly and Spindles received a Christian Character Award in their class.
Roly's award was for 'a strong faith and valuable contributions to discussions on the Bible, a hopeful, congenial attitude to others and being a positive person in class.'

Roly's teacher announcing the award.

Waiting in slightly embarrassed anticipation!

Posing with the principal

Spindles' award was for 'being considerate of others, polite and respectful, and enjoying learning more about God and sharing his knowledge with others.'
Spindles' teacher announcing the award:

I couldn't be more proud!!! :)

And finally, I had to write down Topsy's performance at his 'last day of school Preschool Party'.

He wasn’t expecting me to come. And when I walked in the door, he was lined up ready to perform a song with all the other kids.
His whole body lit up when he saw me. “Mummy! Mummy!’

Despite his joy, Topsy remembered he was part of a performance so he stayed put and contented himself with blowing me several kisses that he obviously put his whole soul into sending.
Topsy's eyes were huge and totally focused on me. When he was handed out his little star on a stick for one of the songs, he stepped forward one step and wiggled it, just to show me he had one, then quickly stepped back. He blew me more kisses, without using his hand to send them as it was otherwise engaged with holding the star.
As they performed, Topsy kept his huge eyes fastened on mine and rather than sing, his eyes made sure I was focused only on him as he dangled his star in my direction. It was as if he was absorbing the energy from me watching him. So cute, had to write it down.

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