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Saturday, December 06, 2008

School's Out!!!

Here are some pics of Topsy trying to be patient after setting up the annual School's Out party for our family.
'Hmmm, it all looks good... Mummy surely wouldn't notice if I snuck a taste of just one little thing.......'
'Let me count and see what I can get away with. Well , at least 3000 crackers....'
'Awww only one cake! That's a bit cheap!! 3000 crackers and one measly cake!!!'
'2 packets of yumy biscuits. They might do nicely'
"Hmmm, it's a big choice!"
'I'll just sneak a napkin too, so I don't make a mess.....'

'Awwwww, Mum, you caught me and I wasn't even up to the fun part yet!"

We are all exhausted but delighting in the thought of all this time off!!!

We move in just 6 days.......eeks!!!

Here is our front yard... or should I say soon- to-be front yard.... (not that these pics give you too much real indication of what the place looks like really. All the houses we saw when we were looking looked so different to their photos!!)

and the back yard.....

I am thinking a lot about family dinners at present, and might blog a bit more on the topic soon. We do the family dinner round the table thing each night, and I love it, but there is still plenty of room for improvement, most of which is due to lack of planning. So that is what is on my mind. I am going to be doing some experimentation in the next while!!!

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