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Sunday, December 21, 2008

a bit of a sticky beak!

We have moved! It was a strange feeling actually. I was very surprised and felt rather guilty at not feeling euphoric about the move. After all, loads of people would give anything to be in their own home. All I felt for several days was flat...... I think it was a minor grieving process, having left a place that held a year of family memories,and moved into a strange place, a blank slate. But that numb feeling is gone now and all I feel is grateful and blessed. We intend to fill the blank slate up with lots of beautiful doodles!!!

I will have to get inside shots at some stage once I have totally unpacked, but I thought you might like to check out some pics of our new backyard. We have a yard that meanders nearly all the way around the house but probably the front yard is bigger than the back and once we are finished all our final unpacking jobs, I will probably make it a habit to sit out there of a morning with a book while the kids play and explore. Such a fun place for inquisitive minds! :) (sugar ants to feed and observe, trees to climb and areas to hide in. )
Sorry about the photo overload! And I have to preface this with saying that the photos more than do the place justice, in fact the reality is almost a let down. It photos well! Heehee!

Picture these following two pictures stuck together, with the first one being on the left hand side and the next being on the right.


One of our 13 trees! :) There are more, but they are small and I am not counting them, yet...

The boat finally has a home!

The fish pond

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