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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bet he never heard that one before!

Santa is not something we really utilise at Christmas. Growing up, I had the funnest Christmases possible for a child, but Santa wasn't a part of them, so it doesn't come naturally. We see him a lot in the shops and sings carols about him, but that is about the extent of it; till this year!

Topsy really took to Santa this Christmas season. Every time we saw Santa at a shopping mall, he wanted to go talk to him. But the lines were so long, I never stopped.

But on Christmas Eve, I could not endure his wistful face going past yet another Santa. We got in line, and Topsy's excitement was evident as he hopped from one foot to the other.

Finally it was his turn. He gave me one backward glance before cautiously approaching Santa's soft red lap. There was some conversation exhanged, then the photo was taken. And one happy boy left Santa's presence.

Later I asked him what Santa had talked to him about. 'Did I be a good boy this year?' began Topsy.

I taped the rest:

The interpretation for those who need it: 'What do you want for Christmas and I said 'A Yellow plug for my kitchen.'
My practical boy, getting something useful that is his favorite color.

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