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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Cataclysmic Consequence of Color Confiscation

(Plus Photo Overload!)

Topsy loves to experiment. He also gets fixated on a particular thing and then loves it with all his heart.

Each bath time I give him four bottles of colored water (blue, green, red and yellow) that he uses to create all sorts of new colors in a cup then pours into the bath. At the end of bathtime, the water looks like he passed very loose stool into it. Too much info I know!

We have bought the large bottles of food coloring; you know; the ones that resemble vanilla essence bottles. He calls them his 'Vamilla Colors', and talks about them all day.

Well yesterday, whilst enjoying his bath, Topsy also emptied a whole new bottle of shampoo into the water.

This is not the first time that has happened, so Topsy's life as he knows it came to a screeching halt. Dr Phil says that every child has a currency. Guess what Topsy's is?

His "Vamilla colors' were banished for 24 hours. Well!!!

There was no sulking. No temper. Just grief, and bewilderment, as to how freeing the shampoo could bring about such devestation into his life.

I had told him, that he would not receive the colors till the next day. Several times during the day, Topsy walked out to me yawning and miming how he had had a huge sleep, and now it was the morning of tomorrow! Time for the return of 'Vamilla Colors".

I do not think shampoo will be tampered with again any time soon.

This morning when he came into our room, he whispered as rehearsed: 'Good Morning Mummy, can I have my Vamilla Colors? I gave them to him, and he snuggled in next to me and said sleepily;'I love my Vamilla Colors, They make me so happy.' :)

Here is what he created using the colors and a bunch of white carnations:

I took the kids to a flower show this afternoon. Here are some pics.

(who knew this child was actually nominated by his peers as class peacemaker?) :)

We are going on a three week holiday now. May not blog for a while. XXOO

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