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Monday, August 18, 2008

Sneeze etiquette

Interaction between Topsy and I this morning in the car after I realized he probably wasn't well enough to go to playschool:

Topsy: *sneeze* 'Oh my gosh!
*sneeze* 'Oh my gosh!!
*sneeze* 'Oh my gosh!!!
*sneeze* 'Oh my gosh!!!!

Me: Topsy! That's not what you say when you sneeze. You say 'Bless you'. ( not wanting to further complicate things by explaining the little detail; that someone else actually says 'Bless you' for the sneeze-ee)

Topsy (matter of factly): You don't say "Bless you'. You say: 'Oh my gosh!!!!'

Note to the reader: We are not even a real 'Oh my gosh' family. Much more likely to hear 'Wowzers', or 'Wackely Do' or 'Wackely Stackelys!!!'

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