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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Right back at ya!

Well, the following adventure was a first for our family.

Cold- afflicted Topsy was trailing around after me this morning, helping. At some point he said, 'I got something in my nose.'

I patiently gave him a brief refresher on how to blow his 'boogies out' into a tissue. He has real problems with the 'blowing out' bit. It tends to be much more of an inhaling experience for him.

'Mummy, I got something in my nose.' he repeated quietly a few minutes later.

I am not proud of what I did next, but it is the truth. I flexed my trusty ( and yes all you worriers, it was VERY CLEAN) littlest fingernail and leaned in to pluck out any offending 'dried up ones'. It was then that I saw and realized that Topsy indeed had something stuck right up his nose.

An alphabet bead to be exact: One just like this.

A pink letter G glistened snugly from his nasal passage.

My mind began to flip through all the possible ways I could get it out.

I held down his other nostril and told Topsy to blow his nose into a tissue. He bravely inhaled for all his worth. The rounded part of the 'G' disappeared from view.

I fetched tweezers. Nope. Far too big for his tiny nose.

I even bent one of Diva's hairgrips and advanced upon him with it, but visions of us making the nightly news due to it all going horribly wrong prevented me.

I showed the hapless Topsy to Hubby, whilst throwing on some going-out clothes and preparing myself for a four hour wait in emergency, let alone the trauma of retrieving the bead.

While searching for Topsy's shoes, Hubby said, "Hey, before you go why don't you try this out:

He'd googled the problem ( as you do!) and the first article he opened was titled 'Jack's got a bead stuck up his nose!"

I quickly scanned the article, then I

1. brushed my teeth,

2. lay Topsy down on the couch with his neck elevated on a pillow, head hanging down a bit

3. plugged his non-offending nostril

4. opened his jaw and blew two big breaths CPR-like into him.....

.....and that sucker popped out like it had come from a candy dispenser!

PS During a re-enactment this aftenoon for the kids, Topsy was very reluctant. i thought it was the CPR thing, which I would only have described, but Topsy was afraid that the bead had to be back in place for the demo..... LOL!

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