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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Not gonna happen in my home!!! :)

If you needed a translation, all you non-Aussies (and let me say, this is a country singer so he is pretty liberal with his 'Aussie' accent), let me know!

I have started an online photography course. I want to become really adept with my basic digital, so that I can justify getting a digital SLR sometime this year. So I am reacquainting myself with aperture, ISO, shutter speed etc; skills whichI don't get to practise on my digital. Instead I am fine tuning these skills thanks to Shutterbee, a website that simulates an SLR camera,where you can fiddle with the aperture and shutter speed to learn what works best in what setting. Pretty cool.

Here are a couple of my practise,experimental shots.

Flowers for being sick

Vase in the sky


Vase full of sky

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