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Friday, April 04, 2008

Of course it WOULD be the day of school photos that Diva is sick. There really is no way I could even bring her in just for the photo. She is simply too ill. Wednesday night it all started with her vomiting. The next day there was much vomiting in the morning and diarrhoea the rest of the day. I thought she was improved last night, but she stumbled in to us, hot and shaking, for a glass of water at midnight.

The boys got the 'School Photo Talk' on the way in the car. You know the one. It goes something like this:

Before the photo session, one must go to the bathroom and check:

1. that one's hair is neat

2. that no morning tea remains lodged in one's smile, and ...

3. that the aforementioned smile is photoworthy!

Petty you might be thinking?
Then background information is necessary.

A couple of years ago I opened up the school photos envelopes with relish, only to see a horror before me.
I had spent a lot of time that morning on Diva's hair for the photo day, and she had gone to school looking divine! But after taking off her school jumper, then having to pull it back on for the photo, one braid stuck out at a Pippi Longstocking angle. And the front of her hair was a halo of static hair from all the pulling off and on of the jumper!

Spindles hair was fine but for a cowlick at the side that stuck up like an unfortunate 'do from a certain movie. Ironic isn't it, that Spindles has not had a cowlick either before or since! Grrr. He still insists that the photographer wet his hair down with a comb, and that it was an unfortunate itch on his scalp (that he attended to at the last second) that caused the particular offence! spindles has a delightful smile in real life, but sometimes it doesn't translate for the camera. He looked a bit pained and strained, sadly.
And as for Roly... well, with my careful fixing of Diva's hair, and wetting down of Spindles', Roly seemed ready to go, with his hat on and bag by the door. I gave his teeth a look over, but in the pre-school rush I didn't take his hat off to give his hair a look.
Well I got a look, when I saw his school photo! The front had been done, but the back was all bedhead and messy. And he was all shrugged down in the picture, so he didn't even have a neck!

A real waste of $75.

The pics were not even worth keeping, though I never threw them out because I am sure they will have use as collateral at some stage! *wicked grin*

Topsy to the policeman who was at our street to look at the damage to the next door neighbour's car:
'A naughty man broke my Mummy's car.'

Ummm, not so much need for speech therapy, methinks. :)

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