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Friday, March 21, 2008

Well, I have had a most excellent Easter Friday! We started off by having traditional Good Friday breakfast: hot cross buns, or in our case hot cross/choc chipbuns! Does the US and Canada have those? They are a cinamon and spice bun with sultanas and sometimes orange peel in, with a distinctive cross on the top. Nowadays, to make them more palatable to kids, you canpurchase fruitless ones and choc chip ones as well).

Our church service was very moving: kept simple, with only the relevant Bible readings interspersed by songs and a time of prayer. The kids all stayed in, and I have to say that Topsy was just excellent, helping me to concentrate on the sevice by sitting quietly. Of course the others were great too, but I expect them to be at their age!!! The only noise Topsy made was when Michael (the minister) was saying 'In a minute we'll take time for morning tea together,' (to which Topsy said to me in a very loud whisper 'We having morning tea, Mum!) Michael continued: 'but don't forget that on Sunday morning there is the dawn service, and we will be meeting up the top of Ngunnawal Hill.' (whereupon Topsy whispered even louder: 'we be climbing the hill, Mum!')

When we got home, the boys read all the bounty I got them from the library, while Diva and Topsy played a big cubby house game in the living room, (a game which the boys later joined.)

After lunch and a rest, we baked a cinnamon tea cake (very Australian),and the kids played, Hubby slept, and I took the dog for a 2 Km jog (my first jog ever, I think!).

Later while Topsy was playing on his own, the older kids and I played Cranium Cadoo! And we moved on to EyeToy Sports, the playstation game that makes you be active, and even Topsy can play because you use your physical body to do physical challenge!. We all worked up a sweat!

Dinner was just a reheat of chicken burgers, so while it cooked, we took turns belting out our favorite 80's songs (Eye of the Tiger for my boys!) on SingStar.

We have all just done a big clean up, as Hubby's aunty is having a 60th here in Canberra tommorow and we will have family staying with us overnight. Yay!

Hope you all had a blessed Easter.

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