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Thursday, March 27, 2008

We were talking about wacky cakes last night at Bible Study. Actually we talk about food a LOT at Bible Study! :) And it got me to thinking about my Mom's wacky spice cake, and got me to salivating!

It took a lot of research on the www but I finally found a recipe, and with Topsy's enthusiastic assistance we made the kid's first taste of wacky spice cake. Mmmm good!

Hubby has been away again all week, but is back tomorrow. It has been a fast paced week. We were honored to have Hubby's brother and his youngest son David stay with us on Saturday night, after a family birthday party where we got to catch up with tons of Hubby's family we haven't seen in too long. His relatives all live around these parts (except for you Kirsty! *waving*)

And then we snared Hubby's parents Nanny and Poppy for Sunday and Monday night.

I took FarAway's advice about the gym, by the way. Now I only do the treadmill 20 minutes( a little higher and faster than before, though I have got used to it, and no longer cling to the handlebars quite so desperately !) instead of 45. And then I do a weight circuit, which is fun. I am really enjoying going, thus I manage to squeeze 5 sessions a week.

Roly and Spindles Update: Roly has settled into his new group without expressing any further interest in the girls in it. We are going through a book by Bob Schultz: Boyhood and Beyond- Practical Wisdom for Becoming a Man, which is fantastic. (The book I am doing with Diva isn't nearly as good, so if anyone has any ideas of an equivalent, please tell me) I was just telling Spindles tonight that I think it is great that they are both in separate friendship groups at school, because it gives Spindles the opportunity to emerge and shine as himself much more, away from Roly's big personality.

Quote: The kids are rather concerned that Topsy will not know that his real name is Tops, because we always call him Topsy. So we have trained him to answer, when asked his name "my name is Tops Taylor". The kids test him rather a lot on this!

Well this morning on the way to school, he was nibbling a snack, when Spindles snuck the 'what's your name' pop quiz on him.

And Topsy was having none of it!

'What is your name? ' Spindles asked.

'I not know, Spindles.' Topsy said with his mouth full. ' I eating my crackers!'

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