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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Topsy Update:

I really should update some of Topsy's happenings while I remember, as he is too young ever to recall any of this stuff.

We have got a very, very sociable child in Topsy, which is goes great with ministry, as long as the sociability is not encouraged to become precociousness.

Some examples:

At the defense pool yesterday, he wanted to be off on his own getting to know other people. It is a pool with a ramp, so there is a lot of shallow areas. He sat there and decided to chat to a mother and daughter.

Of course I had to be privy to what he was doing. So every once in a while he would yell over to me: 'Mummy, I taliing to my friend!" Then to prove his point he would look at the two 'friends ' and say" Hi!' This he did over and over, which had them and me, in silent stitches.

Then last night at SKy Fire (fire works over Lake Burleigh Griffin, that we went to see. Above is a photo a professional took of it!), two of Topsy's 'friends' (sweet teenage girls sitting next to us) farewelled a friend "Bye Libby, see ya!'

Topsy stood up and waved happily at her disappearing back. 'Bye Dibby! See ya later!'

And my personal favorite: Today at church lunch, Topsy's favorite person (our main minister Michael, who gets everyone call him Michael) disappeared for a while. And then he did an announcement over the speaker system without actually being visible. Well this baffled Topsy. So he went around all the people eating lunch in small groups, asking, with his hands outstretched questioningly "Where's my Michael?'


Not in the same vein, but an episode to remind him later: Tonight at church dinner (yes today was a busy day! And Topsy was tired and hadn't had a nap), Topsy cut in line and put one hand into the grated cheese.

This is something I am cracking down on at home, 'cause like all toddlers, he really likes to handle the food on serving plates.

The man who had helped prepare the food, let out a wail of mock protest. I withdrew the greedy fist, and took my child away for a private and swift smack bottom!

Well, he was inconsolable! He sat in my lap, and wept, and wept, and wept........

....for twenty minutes! And it was not a hard smack, I assure you!

I asked him what was wrong, when he could finally speak. And he gulped out.: 'say sorry to man.'

I took him over for the apology: (the man of course, was absolutely horrified to think all that sadness was over Topsy wanting to make things right).
'Sorry, man'.
And then the rain vanished, and the sun returned! Though the crying had so worn him out, he nearly fell asleep in my lap after, and we had to go home to bed immediately.

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