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Sunday, March 02, 2008

This weekend was a 'playdate 'weekend, where the kids have a friend over. I usually like to tee up a friend for each of the kids (not really including Topsy in that), so that no one is left out. On Monday, Roly gave his invitation to have a play this Saturday and possibly sleep over. The child's parents never got back to us till Friday night! I'd given up on the boy coming by that time, so we were pleased that Roly's friend could come. And then Spindle's friend's mother didn't want to intrude, she was adamant about that, so he only ended up coming over for a couple of hours. Ain't nothing ever simple!!!!

Diva's little friend ended up inviting her over to her house , so at least that was straightforward.

The kids have chosen really sweet kids to be their friends.

The only hitch came this morning. Roly's friend stayed overnight, and came to church with us this morning. I was going to run him home, before coming back home to entertain a lovely family from our church familoy who have 11 kids.

So I got the boy safely to his home ( about 20 minutes away), only to find that his family was not there.

'Oh, they must still be at church', he said.

'Where is their church?'

It turned out he was speaking of a biker's church (stepdad is a biker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Oh and it was only another 10-15 minutes drive away! Eeeks! I was already short on time, and I didn't have my mobile phone on me. So we began to drive in the direction of the biker church.

Long story short, it was all seeming way too hard. So I turned the car around and went in search of a public pay phone. The stepdad answered his mobile, and told me just to drop the boy at the house, as they were only 5 minutes away, and he could just play in the backyard.

I felt really uncomfortable about it, but as I was now late, I did just that.

Then the family we were having for lunch and I all pulled up at our house together.

What did I feed them all?

*grilled sausages and hamburger patties ( I make yummy patties, *blushes at the self compliment, but it is true, I do!*)

*marinated chicken wings

*a huge potato bake (tripled the recipe)

*4 big garlic breads

*lettuce and tomato salad

The family brought lots of drinks and a huge box of assorted chocolates.

We had several hours of great conversation, then we all went to the flying fox park on the lake for another 45 minutes, till it was time for Hubby to go back to church to get ready for the next service.

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