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Monday, March 03, 2008

Oh please please please please please come to our restaurant! *Edited*

I have been just dying to eating Ethipian food since....... well the last time I ate it!
Of the three Ethiopian restaurants here, only 1 is actually open on a Monday. It is the only one we have never sampled.
My friend gave me their card which looks like this:
A bit of a blur, but this is what it says:

Present: Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine and Modern Australian Dishes.
Do:Banquet, Private Functions, Lunch boxes and Takeaway
Are: Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


So, I called them up to see if they do a sample platter, if they have a high chair, and to make a 6:00 pm booking ( for 6, 2 adults and 4 children) as they open at 6:00.

No-one answered so I left a message and my number.

When I got the call back this is what the restaurant owner said in a stern tone:

There are none of those sampling platters that I mentioned. Each dish must be ordered individually.

There are no high chairs.

and in regards to children...... well..... Was I aware that the restaurant is extremely small? And that in restaurants, very hot food is carried about?

In view of that, in regards to children, I must make sure that if any children come, they are to be contained at all times!!!!

And with regards to booking a table for 6:00 pm, well the restaurant only opens at 6, so could I please not come till 6:20 at the earliest!!!!

I was going to call back and cancel, but I haven't. My tastebuds are pulling me. Plus maybe his offensive tone was simply lost in translation.

I'm obviously not holding my breath on this experience but I will let you know how it was!
Quote (sort of): Topsy is newly obsessed with some of the kid's music I loved as a kid. Anyone here used to listen to Agapeland stuff? Well Topsy loves the Music Machine :Fruit of the Spirit tape. He calls it the 'Kids one' and sings the songs all the time. This morning it was quite obvious to me that he was not really thinking about the words. He stood wet, naked and shivering from his bath, moaning and complaining out the lyrics: 'Showing me your gentleness. How I love you!'
My rissole (meat patties) recipe:
2.2 pounds (1 kg)Mince beef ( I sometimes mix beef and lamb)
4 cloves of garlic, minced
1 egg
1 packet of chicken soup
generous slosh of worcestershire sauce
two generous dollops of SMOKEY bbq sauce
two apples grated
1 carrot grated
1 zucchini grated
mix together and grill.

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