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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

If you didn't read yesterday's post, please do that first before reading today's so that everything is in context.
Bossy aren't I?!

Well, armed with a bag of books and coloring pages that I printed from the Wiggles web site (to 'contain' Topsy) we went, with some trepidation, to the Ethiopian restaurant.

I was especially stressed because Topsy, though he rested quietly in his room for 2 hours, actually didn't have a nap. So he was crabby and loud.

The restaurant was small, but it was classy.

I had already fed the kids, in case the food was too hot, so Diva and Spindles only ordered a meat samosa each. Their order came first as it was from the entree section.
Poor kids, the chili sauce that accompanied those samosas were the mildest thing about the dish! Both Spindles and Diva nibbled at the pastry, then gave up. So Roly bravely downed one, with the aid of a lot of water, and I ate the other.

The man who had spoken to me on the phone served us. He was dignified and had a very cultured accent. He was totally impressed at the kid's manners. Even little Topsy thanked him whenever he appeared with a plate for us!

And Topsy sat still for the hour and 2o minutes we were there, without a high chair to 'contain' him. Hubby colored in the Wiggles sheets for him, and that kept him amused for a very long time.

Oh and there actually were the 'sampler' platters I had enquired about! We ordered one platter of assorted meat wots, and one of assorted vegetarian wots. Roly had a dish of his own that he loves, called Yegeb alicha (mild lamb). I expected our food to come out like this:

but this is what we got:

We ordered extra injera, which is what Spindles and Diva especially love. And it looked less like this:
and a lot more like this, except in brown baskets:
Very yummy. Viva Injera bu Wot!!

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