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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Time to pull up Topsy's behavioral socks!

I have realized in the last few days that, maybe due to our focus on settling in, we have let Topsy get away with a lot more than we normally would. On the days he bucks his nap, (though I do make him lie down and rest, whether he sleeps or not) he becomes grumpy and extra mischievous (read naughty) as they day progresses. We can all say the word 'brat' and immediately conjour up a mental picture of some awful child we are relieved doesn't belong to us. I DO NOT want Topsy to be that image in any one's mind. I really want a child who is a joy to be around; I want my cute and adorable Topsy back. And note to self: that requires WORK. Um, duh! So right now at our house, Iron Fist Mama rules!

And I have already seen changes! No brats in this household please!

Oh, did I say how much Spindles loves handball now? He wants to play it every spare minute he has. LOL! Didn't that work out well?

I have been to the gym every day this week. What do I do there? Well, first I put my headphones on, plug them into the TV, and find a channel that help will make the time go faster. I climb onto the treadmill, crank it up to the highest hill level I can take, and hold down on the speed dial till I can't see my feet anymore, 'cause they are going so fast. And then, my friends, I hang on for dear life, and go hard for 45 minutes. It is actually quite fun. Though I had better look pretty darned fabulous in amount a month!

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