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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Painting the Town Red

Grass is passe' here in Gungahlin. So last season! Probably due in part to not being able to use a hose to water their gardens, most homes opt to have no grass at all in their front gardens. Instead beautiful native plants, set in red gravel, line the pavement in amazingly artistic designs.

Our front garden features some grass, some native plants and lots of red gravel.

I never even thought twice about the authenticity of the red gravel. Then yesterday on the way to school, we passed a man, all suited up, spraypainting the naturally yellow gravel at several new homes, and turning it a deep shade of red!

Who knew that was a job?

Quote: Bossy Topsy after hearing me chuckle to myself over something in the car:

'Stop Laughing Mummy. You is Mummy, you is not Santa Clause.'


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