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Monday, February 25, 2008


I keep thinking about things to blog about, but then I totally forget to blog it anyways. Grrr. Let's just hope it all comes back to me, as I start to write!
Here are some little tidbits to get the memory ball rolling!
School for the kids is going great. They are all settled and content. Spindles has settled happily into playing handball even!
Diva entered a race for the swimming carnival, and went through with it, even though she was anxious and going to pull out just before it occurred. It was a backstroke race ( my best stroke) and she went great.
Roly was sick for a few days last week.

Hubby is away all this week on an endurance week out bush with the military academy he is chaplain to. The student soldiers are deprived of food, water and sleep, in order to bring them to breaking point This is so that when they are in real combat conditions, they can already anticipate how much it takes to bring them to their knees.
I am certainly praying for Hubby, as I think it will be a trumatic excercise for him. Though he is not going through the ordeal himself, he is there as the person who supposedly puts back the pieces of the broken soldiers . I was horrified to learn that a man whose wife attends our church, actually lost his sight on this same exercize last year. That is how traumatized he was. And he has not regained it. Gulp!
So much has happened activity-wise for us in the last couple of months, but you know our favorite thing is our new 'backyard' that we found. Come and have a look.....

It is only a 50 second drive away from our home, and then with a hop (over the gate), skip (up a bit of ahill) and a jump (over all the branches on the ground), voila:

The kids have really loved planning and starting to build shelters for themselves. Helping each other out. We have come here every evening since we found this haven!

Roly outside the beginnings of his shelter.

Spindles has a different architectual style.

Some nice rocks.

This is Topsy outside what will in actual fact become the communal hall, but what Topsy calls 'my big house!' This is where he bases himself with his Wiggles playdough......

......or his dolly and accessories, depending on the day and what takes his fancy! :)

Diva is still not undecided about the style of shelter she will build.

In the meantime she is a bit of a hermit crab, inhabiting a pre-existing shelter that collapsed.The Taylors like their rocks!

Our view of Lego Land from the hill. And as we drove homefrom the hill tonight, I decided to go past another nature reserve. It is lovely. The trees are much more ideal for climbing, and there seem to be great bushwalking trails.

To finish off, I have to say that one of the best things I have done all year is create this:

My household organizer. It contains everything my once disorganized fingertips were forever seaching for in vain in all my mess of papers. That mess of papers is now filed.under 7 broad topics.

Phone Directory

Family stuff

School stuff

Home management

Travel and Activities

Shopping lists, Menus and Recipes

Health and Fitness
I am sure a lot of you already have one, and are thinking,' Come On Mama C, get with the PROGRAM! Well, it works for me. And the kids love it too. They spend an inordinate amount of time looking at the menus and recipes for the current week, as well as perusing their chores lists!

Oh and a couple for you Mom! Here are the kids in their martial arts outfits (put on over clothes for Aunty Fiona and Nanny's benefit).

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