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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Today's offering is what we call a quick 'sticky beak' here in OZ:
Come and see where we live now!!!
In Moonbi we had the Big Chicken, here in Gungahlin we have the Big Mistake! Believe it or not, this mangled reminder to drive carefully cost $750,00, and they actually ran out of money for the highway it is on and had to only resort to building one lane going north instead of 2!
So you drive past dozens of houses all the same.....

....till you get to our house!

Come on in. Don't look at the office; still unpacking there!

This is the living room. Rather cozy.

The living area is more spacious.

Down the hall are the kid's rooms.



And let's go outside!

Not as big as our old backyard!
Here are a couple pics of the kids' school.

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