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Thursday, December 06, 2007

What is a Chrisco hamper, you ask?
Dana asked about Chrisco hampers, and I was a little surprised, as I was sure it was an American invention! :)
Chrisco (double click the word to see an example) is a company that puts out a catalogue of hampers, as in a wide selection of goodies, from which to choose.

Then, once you have selected the hampers you want to receive early the following December, the Chrisco comany direct debits a set from your bank account every fornight. At the end of 26 fortnights, you have a ton of food supplies that come just when you need them, the cost of which you barely noticed leaving your wallet all year.

One buddy told me that her family hardly shops for 3 months after getting their Chrisco hampers, but for the bare essentials.

So I am giving Chrisco a go this year. the regular hampers don't really appeal to me, as a lot of the stuff we wouldn't really buy normally. That is why I chose a plain meat hamper, a fruit juice hamper and the children's icecream hamper, all things we will want for our hot Christmas season.

Anyway, more later; just back from the kids end of year concert and am utterly exhausted. (I was up late last night wrapping presents for 8 teachers and 2 school bus drivers, and writing letters of heartfelt gratitude to the teachers. Then coaxing my nearly comatose Hubby to hold up a limp hand and sign his name to each letter! *chuckle*)

At the end of the concert, the precious staff all congregated on the stage to sing Before the Throne of God Above. I must admit I cried.I defy you to listen to this song and not be moved! Though I know that MamaMentor's Mary could do a much better clip to go with the song.

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