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Saturday, October 27, 2007

How did I ever used to fit blogging into every day with my active little guy? It all seems a bit overwhelming at present, with the sorting, throwing out and cleaning that goes with our massive move in just a few weeks!
I am actually enjoying the sorting part. And I am being ruthless. I look at each thing and say to myself, "Do I really want to open up a box and see this in Canberra?
And then most of the time said item gets put in the donation box instead!
We are back from a three week holiday and back into the swing of things.
Topsy decided to start toilet training on the holiday so now he does most of his business on the toilet like a big boy!
Here is a family pic of us, taken at a wedding a couple of weeks ago
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And here is Topsy doing his absolute favorite thing: 'playing' the bagpipes! After seeing Robyn's hubby Paul playing in the holidays, he has really been taken with bagpipes. The bagpipes in this video are actally a fridge magnet!

And TL wondered how the kidlets are dealing with the idea of moving! Thanks TL. They are all doing well, now. They have come to terms with the fact that it is going ahead, though I know the reality will be hard, at least no one is in denial.
Take care all, and I hope to leave a comment with y'all soon!

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