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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Loss, River Play and the First Task

A year or so ago Hubby gave one of our crafty parishoners Diva's quilt. Her task: to repair the love-worn quilt. This quilt was made for her by her gran. Gran, who has since left this world, made a quilt specially for each imminent baby. All my kids cherish their quilts.

Anyways, time passed. And one day this lovely lady dropped in a quilt for Diva to have; one that she had made. We thought that was so sweet.

I really thought nothing of this, until a just a couple of weeks ago, when a troubled thought crept into the shadows of my mind. So last Sunday, I casually asked if I could please have Diva's quilt back no matter the condition, so I can at least frame parts of it.

She looked horrified, and stammered: "Oh I'm sorry. I threw it away
Now honestly!!!!
I never said another word about it. I am still speechless, to tell you the truth.

Hubby is adamant that he told her this is a family heirloom that needed repairing, NOT replacing!

How could she make that kind of mistake?

I was devestated, so you can imagine Diva's reaction. All three of the oldest kids were in tears. (all being so very sentimental)

So am still a little in GRRRR mode with that whole situation.

This Friday, Roly and Spindles will have 5 ( that is if they are all allowed to come) friends over for a sleepover.

Should be fun. We will pick them up and drive them straight out to my friend Rachel's riverbank home to play near the river and climb the hill and the trees there.

After dinner, all of us will be driving back into town to see Diva perform at a school recital.

The weather is so beautiful right now. The mornings and dusk especially. I could just get a spoon and eat them up.

We have taken to going for late afternoon walks, and then parking ourselves on a piece of lawn just before the first star appears. Then we sing 'Twinkle Twinkle' to it for Topsy!

And Roly starts his first task ( from the 12 tasks) next Tuesday.

He and I will be volunteering at a soup kitchen in town from 5- 7:30. We will let you know how it goes.

Here are a couple of overdue pics.
The eclipse.
The kids bundled up in their blankets watching it from the trampoline.
I know that probably all you clever gals already have a set of these. But I just found these toothbrush holders and I love them.

Talk more soon.

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