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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Emergency Blues! :(

Just returned home from an unpleasant couple of hours in Emergency.
Roly has been complaining off and on of a weird tummy ache all week.
Tonight he was wary of eating dinner cause his tummy was sore.
Then, a couple of hours later, he went into painful spasms that saw me getting him to hospital as quickly as I could. Not nausea, not wind, not constipation. Just tummy pain!
He was OK once we got there (isn't that always the way!), but while he was having his obs done, he started spasming again. Tears-pouring-down-his-face pain. It was kind of like a contraction, with a peak which then subsided, but it then just turned into a constant gasping pain just behind his ribs.
The urine test showed a small amount of blood.
The doctor first tried a spasm relaxant, which did not work, then ant-acid, which also did not work, and then Pain-Stop! That also did nothing for the pain! Each of these treatments had a 20 -30 minute wait after they were administered.
Finally Doc came in and and started to talk about blood tests and the more nitty gritty testing that we would now have to move onto.
He gave Roly's chest another good prod, and Roly fairly shrieked when he touched the lower abdominal areas!

Then all of a sudden, I could tell that Roly was going to throw up. The docter went sprinting to get something for him to vomit into, but he was not going to make it back in time. I grabbed an empty toy box, and .........
The doc thought he could se breakfast, lunch and dinner in there, when he finally returned. He was extremely grateful for the the toy box saving everyone a nasty mess to clean up.
Then Roly's pain went away completely. The next set of obs showed nothing, so we were released with strict orders to return if anything went downhill. The doctor thought it could have been a severe case of colic, or a viral thing starting.
20 minutes later, I pulled into our driveway and.....Roly gave a gran as he started spasming again!

So now he has had a hot bath and is asleep on the couch, so I can sleep out there with him in case he needs me. The pain seems to have settled, but the ice cream bucket is under the couch, just in case.

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