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Friday, September 07, 2007

Diva's Party

Diva finally had her birthday party- long overdue. Her best friend's mother suggested we do a joint party, for our two girls. And it worked out very well!

The other Mom made the cake and I provided party bag lollies and party food. She bought a pinata and did a treasure hunt. I did a pass the parcel ( you know the kind where there is a little prize inside each layer) for the girls and another one for the siblings of the party girls!

The only downside was that we kept our list to a minimum because it wasn't our house, but at the last minute several other girls who only knew the other girl came as well. But it was a great party.

The birthday girls

Spindles just before bringing the pinata crashing down! The only person not to have a go of hitting the pinata was Roly!

Dining al fresco!

The half-hour treasure hunt. They never go for as long as you think they will!

The birthday cake. The other girl's Mom is reknowned for her brownie-like slice ( slice is Oz speak for bar!) So she made this rustic '*' cake for the girls out of her slice. Yummy!

Topsy had a great time with someone else's prize!

The party was held at Diva's friend's property. What a view behind the party guests!

As is always the case, the favorite thing was the simplest. The 20 cent rocket balloons the kids got in their party bags just before they went home were so much fun to let of in such a big area!

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