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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Topsy had his first paying haircut today! I figured it would be much easier to let the hairdresser do it, especially with the kids motorbike chair. I showed Topsy pictures from last time (as above), to prepare him for what was to come, and as we drew close to the salon, he kept saying 'Wow, wow wow!!!!

He loved every minute of the haircut. His eyes just about popped out when the hairdresser placed a Wiggles cutting cape over his head. 'Egg' he said in wonder, "Egg!'

I felt slightly embarrased, till we realized he was trying to show us Greg, the yellow Wiggle!

This is before:

And look at my little boy now....

And here is a quick video of him in action. Foolish pride makes me point out that the black rubbish bags under our tree are actually not rubbish but some bags of clothes donated from a parishoner waiting to go into Hubby's car and trundle off to Goodwill. :)

He has never been spiky before. I love it, though it will actually take some getting used to!!! I think I will miss the Boy-Bob for a tiny while, and that's OK!

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