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Thursday, August 30, 2007

A surprise

This morning when I when to do some online banking, I noticed that I had recieved a deposit of nearly $800. Huh?
When I clicked to find out from whence this joyous gift had come, I saw that it was a deposit from the school. The same amount I recieved per fortnight of my four mornings a week last term.
My joy turned to abject disappointment as I realized I would have to call the school to tell them they had mistakenly paid me for a fortnight of part time teaching that I had not actually done.

I got in touch with the payee person, and explained his error. He listened carefully, then said, 'No Michelle, there is no error. We had you down as a full time employee when you did your six weeks for us last term. And that money is your overdue holiday pay.'

Holiday pay, peoples.
I got holiday pay, from a 6 week job!!!

I get to keep the money!!!!!
Thanks Lord.

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