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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


How do they magically learn that word? And how is it a word that they latch onto so easily and seem to understand so well?

These days every word Topsy utters seems to be preceded by the word "Mine!'

If Diva gets into the car when we pick her up from school, he will smile angelically at her and then will grab her hat, and say 'Mine hat!'

He generally says it to claim items that he know very wel are not his in the least!

Whereupon, we give it back to its rightful owner and say, "no, it is ......'s. You need to say please if you want a turn.'

Do you remember this stage?

I had nearly forgotten! :)

Oh and tomorrow I will be marching into the school with Roly to report another child shooting him twice with a pen dart. As in, a child-made missile using a pen. The boy had earlier demonstrated shooting it right through a mattress. It really hurt Roly.

The boy actually also brought along a pen gun with a screwdriver tip to school! And it happened the day before as well!

So I will certainly be making sure there are swift consequences. Last year the same boy held Spindles down and spat his mouthful of chewed up apple into his face.


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