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Friday, August 31, 2007

I shouldn't laugh.....

Poor old Roly. He is stressed out.

He does an extension class at school and for one of his assessments, he has to take on a famous personality, and make a speech as that person at the last school assembly of term, in front of the whole school (preschool to year 12).

While we were away for a few days last week, all the 'good people' (his words not mine) got taken, and Roly came back to school to find only one person left.......

Mahatma Gandhi.


Ok, so he was a great man who did huge things for his people, but a sensitive 12 year old does not want to be addressing his school in a loin cloth!!!

He tried to find out what he should wear as his costume, and the helpful, and straight faced reply was: 'Oh, why don't you see what you can do with a sheet!'


I have really tried to get Roly to look at the positives. He has tried out for the school play the last two years, unsuccessfully.

This is his chance, his moment to prove to himself that he can do this.

We can get him looking a bit less like Gandhi and a bit more like he lived in Jesus time. That will deal with the exposed feeling.
And if he writes out a great speech and really really knows it inside out so that he can perform it with feeling, he has a fantastic opportunity here!

I think that once he has done it and recieves the applause, he will want to do it all over again.

It is all in the attitude, don't you think?
Makes me think back to when I started piano lessons in Year 12.

I had to play in a school recital. My recital piece?

10 little Indians.!!!
I was soooo embarrassed. And I certainly wanted no one knowing I was going to be playing at the recital, let alone know that my song was such a baby piece! In fact I even stuffed a bit of it up.

The very next term, a really cool and sweet guy in our class also started piano lessons. That term, he had to play at the recital.

10 Little Indians.
And at breakfast on the morning of the recital, (it was a boarding school), he stood up on a table and personally invited the whole school to come hear him play.
And he had a ball. And so did his audience. He made it cool.

So go Roly! Wear that loin cloth with pride. Own that loin cloth!!!

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