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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Here is an exclusive first look at our Diva- now 8!!!

She had a great birthday today.

We worked on some of the crafty presents she received, and danced and sang with Bindi Irwin's CD! Diva later climbed into her favorite tree to paint a watercolor of her view!

She is very excited to see what real Sea Monkeys look like in a few weeks time when they have grown big enough to be seen!

Topsy's favorite song is Happy Birthday (or as he gustily sings, 'Happy Beee') He only tried to insert his own name into the song a couple of times today, and implored us to keep on lighting the candles so he and Diva could continue singing and blowing! This is a poor sample of him beginning to sing the Happy Birthday song. My better video is an acutal video using my video camera, that I will have to copy onto my digital to be able to show anyone online!

After lunch and birthday cake we all went to the local indoor playground till closing time.

We get a break tomorrow, and then get to do it all again for Roly!

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