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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Happy birthday, precious Bodie!
He is 12 today.
I have had to make do with an older picture as the camera played up. Grrrr.

Thankfully the video camera captured him opening his presents this morning.
It was a nice relaxed day.
Roly got some great books, Playstation games, and the Disney version of Trivial Pursuit.
He has been hankering for a pet, and our compromise only just got here in the post today!

It is a NASA created ant farm; where the ants tunnel into, and live off this nutrient-rich gel. . We haven't found ants yet; it might be too cold for them!
We went to the kids' favorite 'all you can eat' joint for lunch, though no one was particularly hungry in the end.
Bodie was grumpier than one would have expected on his birthday, and quite short with his sister especially (though just quietly, she is going through a bit of a 'patch' herself at present! :))
The reason for this was revealed a little later on.

Roly never got his birthday cake, nor did he eat his special birthday dinner. He vomited violently at 5:00 and never ate another thing! Poor kid.

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