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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Well, we are just about better! Phew! That was not fun!

Topsy is the only one with a slight fever still, but he ate today and actually got off his couch.

It has been a really hard couple of week for Topsy. He has looked sooo sick, not that he complains at all. He has been very clingy, and asking me to 'sit' with him all the time (and when I was sick too, that was fine by me!) The two of us just lay on the bed watching Barney and the Wiggles.

You know, I had some funny things to write about our illness last week, but as I started to write, I have just decided I won't, 'cause I can't tell them right and they probably won't seem all that funny to anyone else! Arrgghh.

My brain is actually to foggy to continue. I am sorry guys, but I will leave you with a couple of pics of something I bought to do with Diva (might I add, she has decided it is not something she is going to be good at!!!!)

Don't laugh. It is certainly not a MamaMentor creation, i know, but I am rather proud of my eighth of a square! It is supposed to be part of a quilt, but I think I will extend it to just be a scarf!

The funniest part was the 10 minutes it took for me to work out how to do the slip knot in order to begin to cast on! The step by step instructions had me boggled. i tried over and over, laughing helplessly as my young daughter lookedon in pity and horror!

We had to resort to the instructional video *!!!!!!* to work out the slip knot and after that it was pretty smooth sailing
Here are the 3 brothers, the PJed older 2 doing Topsy's fvorite thing with him!
They did not know I would be happy snapping, so this photo captures them attempting to flee! haha! Escape is futile!
And these are the new posters Diva has added to her door. Diva loves animals and finds Bindi the Jungle Girl fascinating.

She calls her new pink room: The Den!

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