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Monday, July 02, 2007

Well, I can't use the excuse of work any more for lack of blogging.
Could I perhaps convince you that having the kids home on holidays is taking up my time. That is certainly true, but also I think I have got out of the habit of blogging! Must get back into that.
Life has gone back to normal for me, and how happy I am!

It is a quiet holiday so far. We are going away for four nights on Thursday. Going to see my folks in Sydney. It was originally a trip to stay with a very dear friend and her brood while her hubby was away, but that has kind of had to change. I will only see her on Thursday evening, and then they are off on a holiday of their own.

We will also hopefully see my sis, robyn and family on the way home (Uh, Monday some time, Robby!?!? Will you be there?) And our visit coincides with my nephew's birthday celebrations, so we will get to see my sis and bro- in- law and little Reuben. And my in laws. so a very fruitful trip!!!!

I have to say that the stint of teaching really gave me lots of ideas and extra passion for kid's ministry. I am working on implementing different ideas and techniques. The kids we are reaching through Kids's Cloub and now consequently through Sunday School ( I go and pick some of those kids up) have had almost no Bible teaching. Several of these kids have been suspended so many times that they have had to go to an intermediary placement for several weeks. But they are coming to Kid's Club and Sunday School by their own request and are keen to learn.

I have been most surprised by my newly kindled interest in puppets. After seeing how our community's kids interacted with a puppet ministry team from Sydney, I thought, 'surely we can do some of that, on a smaller scale!'

So we have a puppet theatre being made, and four puppets have been ordered.
Here they are:
This is the one Diva chose. Meet Susie the Spring fairy. Suzie short for Sue Dafed. Yes, she is a Spring Fairy with Hayfever. She is only a little girl and a fairy in training.

Meet Multy, the Jester. he's the FUNNY one. Spindles chose him and is developing his character.

Roly's Hound dog is yet to be named or really developed, but here he is:

But as I am so totally excited about the opportunities this might give us, I have spent a bit of time getting to know my puppet, whom I will pick up in Sydney this weekend. I am still mucking around with his name (Oh and he is not yellow, nor does he have that hat. He will actually be purple with orange around his eyes.)

He is going to have a gruff but childish voice. I have written the first script for when we introduce him and his 'flatmates' to our evening service, with a lot of input from the kids, and we laughed so hard, reading it out. Hopefully the kids puppets, which are coming from the States will be here any day, and we can start practising for real. At present, my guy will be the main puppet, and then as the kids practise and get more condfident, they will get solo go for some skits. We plan to use the puppets for only short skits at present to introduce a theme or topic.

Better go to bed, now. More later! *hugs*

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