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Saturday, July 28, 2007

This is just a quick thankyou post going out to my parents!
The past two weeks, our family have been feeling miserable! Beseiged by at least two separate colds and apparantly 2 different strains of high temperature viruses, I have been viewing life through a very dimm wattage.
Hubby was away this past week and a half doing his Master's in Sydney. So the other night when I probably should have taken Rolly and Diva to the emergency room at 2:00 in the morning, I myself was sporting a temp of 39.1 (102 for the Americans)and really couldn't think of who to contact at that time of night to have come and sleep over with the other two. So we didn't go, we just struggled through the night together.
The past three days have really been a depressing blur of being freezing cold, then suddenly unbearably hot; wracking coughs; just waiting next to the clock, waiting for it to again be time to be able to dole out the next lot of medicine that gives us all an hour or so of real relief.

Neither Demazin nor Dimetapp have been able to touch the slimy green factory of nasal mucus that is our family! I think that if I saw Topsy without two shiny rivulets teeming from his nose, I would notnot recognize my own child! He has honestly had a runny nose since the first week I started teaching, all the way back last term!

Any ways, you get the picture? Or shall I go on....
Well, anyways, Hubby returned home last night to our great happiness.
And he came bearing gifts, from himself but also from my parents!

With my present, my Mum wrote that she wanted me to relax and have a cappuccino and an Oreo. The cappuccino, the cup and the oreos were all provided in my gift.

SO I did sit down and relax and drink the hot drink provided by my parents!!!

Thanks so much! It was such a thoughtful gift!!!

(I think my camera lens has some thing smeared on it, hence the romantic haze in the pics!!!

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