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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Oh My! I only have 5 days left of teaching! It has been a blast, and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. Actually doing it successfully has been a morale boost. I love taking on a challenge that is far off in the future (so far off, that saying yes to doing doesn't seem to scary until it is a week away!), and actually being able to cope with it when it does eventuate!
But I will be very happy to go back to my old life!! I just hope that this energy will continue after the job is finished.

Last week, the school asked me to stay on as a teacher, for the same hours, but now with extra curricular expectations and parent/teacher interviews. I explained how hard it would be , and they said that if it helped, I could choose whatever day for stage 1 (years 1 and 2) to have as a homeroom day (that is, my day off, when the kids stay in their homeroom and don't come to different teachers for numeracy or literacy). So saying no made me feel even worse!
I would love to have you think they were being so flexible because I am just the best teacher around, but no! LOL! Diva's teacher has unexpectedly had to leave at the end of this term, due to her hubby being transferred with the airforce. And it is a case of last-minute teacher seeking, and 'better the devil you know'.
But I felt wanted anyways!

As for the rest of life?
Topsy gave us a diabetes scare. He has been drinking a lot for winter, and falling asleep early and in odd places, so I took him for a prelim finger prick, which gave an abnormally high result.

Then on Tuesday he had a fasting blood test, which the nurse botched, and I had to come back for 2 hours later.
My hungry child endured more unfruitful poking and prdding till finally the child specialist they called in from his day off managed to draw blood!

But the result was good, so he is not diabetic! I think my sister and Mom breathed a bigger sigh of relief than me, as I was in a bit of denial, and did not do my usual research on the internet to find out how having a diabetic child wouold change our lifestyle.

so, thanks Lord!

Roly and Spindles were in the Eisteddfod with their class today. Eisteddfods are competitions that involve testing individuals or school groups for singing, dancing, acting and musicianship.
This part of the competition was for spoken verse.
The kids recited two poems and they won! It was such a boost for them!

And Diva has decided that she would like to be homeschooled. After presenting her arguments for this, we saw her point and agreed.....

....being homeschooled on Saturday will be a fantastic idea! LOL! Though when she came to me with the request, I must say, I felt a little sorry for myself. I do it all week, and every Sunday: please give me one day's rest from it!!!!

Oh and I have lost 10 kgs. Please be happy for me. It mean I did not need to buy any more new work clothes! I could wear the dressy clothes I bought before I got pregnant with Topsy!

I have missed being regular with posting, but something had to give: family or posting.... so well...!
I have enjoyed reading what you are all up to!

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