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Friday, May 25, 2007

Yeah for the weekend!

I had today planned quite well, teaching wise. It was to be a trouble free day really with both numeracy and literacy classses having to take assessment tests to see how they are taking in the material we are teaching them!

Numeracy went really well, but after recess, and after the literacy got done their spelling test, and I had them all on the floor at my feet looking up at me expectantly, I realized that in all the mass of tests on my desk (I mark all the Grade two tests in all the classes not just mine), I could not find more than 5 copies of the worksheet to go along with what I wanted to get across to my kids.

If this had happened last week, I would have coped so badly. As it was, I felt a hot flush creeping up me. I looked at the time and realized with a bit of joy, that I only had twenty minutes left. So after a little time of summarizing our week's accomplishments, I handed out some 'under the sea' coloring sheets (they have been doing sea creatures in their home rooms) and read them

And it worked a treat. I think their little heads were so full from the stress of the tests and also it being the end of the week, they just settled down quietly and colored like crazy while I read Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave by Quentin Blake. The effect was like rocking a crying baby. They loved being read to. I think I will do it every Friday from now on!

Tomorrow the kids and I ( Hubby is away) will be going to Life Fest. It is an event with entertainment, food, games, animals rides- all free, thrown by the combined churches in our district. I will try to get some pics of our time there to show you. Then the boys are going for a sleepover to a relatively new friend's house.

Have a super weekend, all!

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