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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just in case you forgot: this is what our munchkins look like! (plus baby cousin Reuben)
Bring on the weekend! I am so ready for it to be here! And I am not really one to long for the future too much. This has been a really good week. The teaching thing is starting to feel natural. The kids are actually learning the concepts I am teaching them *gasp*. That was a huge happy surprise for me! LOL! And because of the nature of the job, I actually come home invigorated and still full of energy. very different to the last casual teaching job I had!!! I barely had the strength to rise off the couch to fetch myself a glass of water then, let alone fend for my family! Morale has a huge lot to do with the difference!

Roly was home two days with a really bad asthmatic cough brought on by his cold. Topsytook his spacer machine and stashed it somewhere, and I stubbornly refused to get a new one, because I knew the minute I did, we would find the old one. So I taught roly to use his Ventolin like an adult.

He went back to school today and when they got home from school, he and Spindles were bursting to tell me about the Refugee simulation game they played at school today following the African theme.

The teachers combined a simulation game I gave them and added some really cool ideas of their own, and the students had a ball. They really learn from the hands on stuff!

Last week, the class had to make a miniature African village using sticks and real cow manure!!! Hilarious. But it came up really well.

Diva and all the kids actually are enjoying coming up to give me cuddles at recess. I am sort of glad I am not her teacher, so I don't have that responsibility, but it is fun seeing her so much through the day.

Topsy is recovering from a cold. He is just the cutest thing you ever saw at night church, where he stands very quietly next to his Daddy (just while Hubby leads the songs and the kid's activities), and then dances for all he is worth to the songs. We have a couple of folk who raise up their hands when singing, and when he sees that he drops his maracas and lifts up his hands too!

He is also getting much more clear in his speech, trying every word we throw at him.

Well my dears, that is us, short and sweet. Hope to get in some pics over this weekend and maybe get in another quick post!

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